National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan Stresses Administration’s Commitment to Getting Remaining Americans Out of Afghanistan

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National information advisor Jake Sullivan stressed that President Joe Biden and his medication stay committed to getting Americans who’ve remained successful Afghanistan retired via diplomatic means.

We proceed our ngo to get them out, it’s conscionable that it has shifted from a subject ngo to a diplomatic mission. And we person sizeable leverage implicit the Taliban to guarantee that immoderate remaining American national volition beryllium capable to get out,” helium told “Good Morning America.”

About 100 Americans stay successful the state pursuing the extremity of the United States’ withdrawal.

The tiny fig that remain, we are committed to getting retired and we volition enactment done each disposable diplomatic means with the tremendous leverage that we person and that the planetary assemblage has to marque that happen,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan besides pushed backmost against disapproval of the withdrawal process, saying that those who are criticizing the ngo “are not the ones who person to beryllium successful the Situation Room and marque the hard calls astir the threats that we look and the objectives we’re trying to obtain.”


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