New Poll Shows Afghanistan Withdrawal Has Zero Impact On Biden’s Popularity

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A caller NBC News canvass shows President Biden’s support standing staying precisely the aforesaid adjacent aft a week of antagonistic media sum connected the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Biden’s Approval Rating Is Unchanged Over Afghanistan Withdrawal

NBC News’s Mark Murray tweeted:

Results from caller nationalist NBC News poll: - Biden occupation support among each adults: 49% (was 53% successful April) - Biden disapproval: 48% (was 39%) - Biden support among reg voters: 50% (was 51% successful April) - Biden disapproval: 48% (was 43%) Aug 14-17, +/- 3.1%


The American People Side With Biden On Getting Out Of Afghanistan

The DC media elites and Republicans are overmuch much upset astir the extremity of the warfare successful Afghanistan than the immense bulk of the American people. From the opening of the communicative successful Afghanistan, the media work the temper of the American radical wrong.

The property and Republicans, who, arsenic a reminder, got the state into the warfare successful Afghanistan, past erstwhile they realized that winning successful Afghanistan was impossible, they bailed and shifted their absorption to Iraq, person been incorrect each measurement of the mode connected this issue.

President Biden understands what the bulk of Americans want. He is trying to bash what is champion for the country.

Republicans are trying to people inexpensive governmental points and question their aggravated patriot flag.

It is not working.

President Biden is apt to person much victories successful September arsenic Congress volition walk his quality infrastructure program and look for thing to beryllium done connected voting rights.

With coronavirus vaccinations erstwhile again expanding to implicit a cardinal per day, advancement is being made connected the Delta variant.

In this epoch of hardcore partisan divisions, Joe Biden took a week of aggravated antagonistic media coverage. His support standing didn’t drop, which is the motion of a president who could beryllium precise fashionable arsenic his word goes on.

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