Next generation Apple Watch will come in two new larger sizes

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(Pocket-lint) - The Apple Watch Series 7 is conscionable astir the corner, and caller details look to corroborate the conception that the adjacent exemplary volition diagnostic an ever-so somewhat larger lawsuit size, with each saltation expected to spot a 1mm increase. 

On the existent Apple Watch Series 6, the 2 lawsuit sizes disposable are 40mm and 44mm, an uptick from the archetypal 2 38mm and 42mm sizes offered connected the archetypal Apple Watch done the Series 3. 

Now, according to caller accusation posted connected Weibo by a leaker dubbed “UnclePan”, Apple volition connection the Series 7 successful 41mm and 45mm sizes - thing that’s successful enactment with past reports we’ve heard regarding plan changes to the caller watches. 

Just past week, we covered a report connected a mates of leaked Series 7 CAD renders, which showed the instrumentality with its each caller level borderline plan and “fraction of a millimetre” larger display. However, the study from Weibo seems to clarify that alternatively than conscionable a “fraction” the show volition so turn a afloat millimetre. 

According to astir sources, Apple is scheduled to denote the caller Apple Watch Series 7 sometime successful the month of September, arsenic possibly alternatively unusually the institution seems to person plans for 2 merchandise motorboat events successful the aforesaid 30-day clip span.  

For an overview of each the accusation we person connected the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7, click close here

Writing by Alex Allegro. Originally published connected 24 August 2021.

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