Nikki Haley, Part Of Team Trump’s Taliban Surrender, Blames Biden For Afghanistan

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Nikki Haley is trying to blasted the Afghanistan surrender connected Joe Biden alternatively of herself and each of the members of the Trump administration.


Nikki Haley, who was portion of the Trump medication that allowed the Taliban to get stronger, accuses Joe Biden of surrendering connected Afghanistan. If she wants to spot who is liable for the surrender, she needs to look successful the mirror.


Transcript of Haley connected CBS’s Face The Nation:

FORMER US AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS NIKKI HALEY: I hold with you. They’re not negotiating with the Taliban, they’ve wholly surrendered to the Taliban. They surrendered Bagram Air Force Base, which was a large NATO hub. They surrendered $85 cardinal worthy of instrumentality and weapons that we should person gotten retired of there. They person surrendered the American radical and really withdrew our troops earlier they withdrew the American people. And they’ve abandoned our Afghan allies who kept radical similar my hubby harmless portion they were overseas deploying. So, no, determination was nary negotiating. This was a implicit and full surrender and an embarrassing failure.


MAJOR GARRETT: Someone you cognize well, the erstwhile caput of authorities successful the Trump administration, Mike Pompeo, stood alongside 1 of the Taliban founders and helped negociate this woody successful which President Trump signed an statement to person United States forces retired earlier this year. Did that acceptable successful question what we’re seeing now?

AMB. HALEY: You know, I deliberation everybody’s wanting to spell backmost and speech astir Trump. The information is, nether 4 years of Trump, Afghanistan was safe. We made definite that we kept coercion astatine bay and that we came from a spot of position. What’s happened successful 7 months of Biden is we’ve wholly surrendered and we’ve humiliated ourselves successful the eyes of the world. The happening is, determination are times wherever you person to negociate with the devil, but you negociate with the devil from a constituent of strength. You don’t bash it from a constituent of weakness. We virtually person nary leverage close present with the Taliban. All we’re going to spot them bash is they’re going to bargain clip and enactment similar they’re going to beryllium bully until August 31st.

Nikki Haley Wants To Be President. Nikki Haley Won’t Be President.

Nikki Haley’s revisionist past and pugnacious speech connected Afghanistan are each a portion of her program to tally for the 2024 Republican statesmanlike nomination. Haley has been plotting her statesmanlike tally since she near the Trump administration. The occupation is that Republican superior voters volition ne'er enactment Nikki Haley.

Biden didn’t surrender Afghanistan. Trump did. 

Trump surrendered and tried to support Afghan allies from coming to the United States. 

That is Donald Trump and Nikki Haley’s record, and wherefore she and the different servants to the astir corrupt president successful past person nary changeable implicit ever becoming president.

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