Now Oppo has confirmed its MagSafe rival tech - MagVOOC

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(Pocket-lint) - Oppo has followed Realme successful confirming its ain charging tech to rival Apple's MagSafe.

Called MagVOOC, it works successful precisely the aforesaid mode - providing wireless charging done a magnetic puck-style charger that snaps to the backmost of a phone.

It was demoed during the Smart China Expo 2021 lawsuit this week.

"Oppo is steadily accomplishing our strategical deployment successful the tract of IoT and broader areas concerning Internet of Experience, aiming to empower customers successful a assortment of scenarios,” said the company's president of smartphone product, Henry Duan (as reported by MySmartPrice).

“With the caller magnetic flash charging and in-car connectivity technologies, we are doing our champion to heighten lawsuit experiences successful each aspect."

We don't yet cognize galore of the specifications, but it seems the MagVOOC charger is susceptible of 20W charging.

We besides ideate it to usage overmuch of the aforesaid exertion arsenic Realme's MagDart, considering they are some companies nether the BBK Electronics umbrella. Indeed, it is surely conscionable a substance of clip earlier akin stablemate OnePlus announces its ain mentation too.

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The Realme strategy has been much afloat fleshed retired to date, arsenic it includes a distant powerfulness bank, wallet and different accessories. Realme besides showed it moving with a conception device.

There is nary connection yet connected erstwhile Oppo's MagVOOC mightiness look connected sale.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 24 August 2021.

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