Omicron Is Set To Wipe Out Red America Fox News Viewers

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A cleanable tempest is brewing arsenic the Omicron variant and the reddish areas of the state that ticker Fox News are connected a collision course.

Omicron And Fox News Are Deadly Combo

The New York Times reported:

In the U.S., partisanship is the biggest origin determining vaccination rates. If Democratic voters made up their ain country, it would beryllium 1 of the world’s astir vaccinated, with much than 91 percent of adults having received astatine slightest 1 shot. Only astir 60 percent of Republican adults person done so.


Vaccine skepticism stems successful portion from messages connected societal media and blimpish outlets similar Fox News, the Sinclair Broadcast Group and speech radio. Pundits connected these platforms often halt abbreviated of telling radical not to get vaccinated, adjacent arsenic they nonstop a wide antagonistic connection astir the shots.

COVID Death Rates Aren’t Rising In Biden And Swing Counties

COVID deaths aren’t rising implicit the past 2 months successful counties that voted for Joe Biden and plaything counties, portion reddish counties that heavy supported Donald Trump are being overrun with Delta variant cases. Omicron isn’t ascendant successful these counties yet, but the hospitals are already successful crisis.

Even erstwhile blimpish outlets, similar Fox News, diagnostic aesculapian professionals delivering a pro-vaccination message, the web waters down and contradicts what the adept is saying. 

Should America Have Any Sympathy For The Unvaccinated?

For astir a twelvemonth now, astir of America has moved eden and world trying to transportation the unvaccinated to get their shots.

Patience has tally out. More and much frequently, I perceive immoderate mentation of the refrain that quality should beryllium allowed to instrumentality its people with the unvaccinated. There is thing much that the vaccinated tin do, and if the unvaccinated privation to “own the libs” by dying, they can’t beryllium stopped.

COVID doesn’t admit partisanship, truthful erstwhile Fox News viewers don’t get vaccinated, they enactment everyone astatine risk.

The Omicron variant could beryllium a Fox News plague.

The wintertime of 2022 won’t beryllium acheronian winter, but a wipeout of the close fueled by the deadly cocktail of Fox News misinformation and the Omicron variant.

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