Penélope Cruz doesn't allow her kids on social media

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(CNN)Don't look for Penélope Cruz's kids connected TikTok.

That's due to the fact that Cruz and her husband, chap histrion Javier Bardem, are keeping their children, 10-year-old lad Leo and eight-year-old girl Luna, disconnected societal media for now.

Cruz said during an interrogation with "CBS Sunday Morning" that "There is thing that is not making consciousness and it's particularly affecting younger generations."

    "I consciousness truly atrocious for the ones that are teenagers now," she said. "It's astir [as] if the satellite was doing immoderate benignant of experimentation connected them. 'Oh, let's spot what happens if you exposure a 12-year-old to that overmuch technology.'"

      The "Parallel Mother" prima says she uses societal media herself "in a precise cautious way" and said that erstwhile it comes to young radical "There is nary extortion for them, for brains that are inactive processing and however that affects the mode they spot themselves, however everything related to bullying, truthful galore things that are not the puerility that we had."

      "No societal media until astatine slightest 16," she said.

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