Police: Robbery crew stole $43K in purses

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CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago constabulary issued an alert aft a 73-year-old information defender was severely injured successful 1 of respective store robberies on the city's Magnificent Mile.

Chicago constabulary said Monday they are connected the lookout for a squad of thieves hitting high-end retail shops on the Mag Mile.

"We enactment retired a concern alert connected this for different locations and incidents that acceptable this aforesaid MO," Chicago Police Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan said.

At slightest 4 antithetic stores were targeted wrong the past week successful the 900-block of N. Rush Street, the 1000-block of N. Michigan Avenue, the 600-block of North Michigan Avenue and the 0-100-block of E. Huron Street.

"Offenders got retired of the car, went into a high-end store, stole respective purses totaling $43,000," Deenihan said.

Each time, investigators said a radical of men wearing aesculapian masks and hoodies participate the store, drawback the purses connected the show tables, past tally out. The crimes were caught connected surveillance cameras, constabulary said.

"Running successful and stealing purses, but successful this case, moving successful and causing superior harm and putting an aged information defender successful the ICU," Deenihan said.

The 73-year-old information defender was hospitalized successful captious condition.

"Caused bleeding connected the encephalon for that individual," Deenihan said. "That idiosyncratic is expected to survive. He has a skull fracture and it is decidedly successful highly superior information and inactive successful the ICU. We bash not cognize what the semipermanent effects are going to beryllium of this injury."

The getaway car was besides caught connected camera.

"These individuals fled successful a stolen car, we cognize that for certain," Deenihan said.

Investigators are asking anyone with accusation to stock it with Chicago police.

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