Police use drone to search for missing mother

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WESTFIELD CENTER, Ohio — Investigators successful Medina County are turning to exertion to hunt for clues successful the perplexing disappearance of 53-year-old Jane Milota.

The Medina County Sheriff's Office flew a drone with a 4k camera and thermal imaging implicit wooded areas successful Westfield Center connected Friday afternoon.

Detective Larry Covey, who operated the drone, said helium was looking for Milota's missing car—a brownish Buick Enclave—or thing other that seemed retired of the ordinary.

"I'm looking for immoderate way that possibly we couldn't spot utilizing Google Earth that's caller that we spell locomotion in," Covey said. "Obviously, if I get get backmost and I tin spot tyre tracks going done a tract that shouldn't beryllium determination into a acceptable of woods, thing conscionable thing that we tin spell connected astatine this point."

Jane was past seen astir 7:30 a.m. connected Aug. 9 dropping disconnected her big son, who has autism, astatine his occupation astatine The Westfield Inn.

She didn't amusement up for her displacement astatine Arby's disconnected Route 18 that time and didn't instrumentality to her location successful Medina Township. Her husband, Warren Milota, past called police.

Jane's compartment telephone was near astatine location and she doesn't usage recognition cards, making it astir intolerable for constabulary to way her movements.

Mr. Milota said it has been an agonizing 11 days arsenic helium ponders hard questions similar Did Jane permission voluntarily? Is she successful danger? Is she alive?

"I conscionable consciousness helpless," helium said. "I request to find my wife. That's the lone thing. I request to find my woman adjacent if she would telephone and accidental she's okay. That would beryllium fine. I conscionable request to find her."

Warren Milota said Jane was dealing with hep pain, but helium can't deliberation of immoderate crushed she would permission the family.

"She didn't entrust cipher if she meant to bash this, truthful if she didn't mean to bash this, thing could person happened," helium said.

Warren Milota said the unexplained vanishing is besides precise hard to explicate to his lad with peculiar needs.

"He conscionable thinks mom's not location yet truthful it's a bully spot to beryllium close present until we get this resolved."

Police admit the drone effort is simply a agelong shot, but it's different instrumentality to assistance successful the hopeless search. Medina Township constabulary person besides reviewed surveillance video from adjacent businesses and requested licence sheet readers beryllium checked successful Ohio and neighboring states.

While constabulary person said determination are nary signs of foul play, interest is mounting the longer the parent remains missing.

"I can't adjacent ideate what they're going through. I'm married. I person kids and I couldn't adjacent statesman to accidental what they're going through," Covey said.

Jane is 5 feet, 5 inches gangly and weighs 140 pounds. She has blonde hairsbreadth and hazel eyes. She has a Papa Smurf with a shot shot tattoo connected 1 calf and a butterfly tattoo connected the different calf.

A vigil for Jane is planned for Tuesday evening astatine the quadrate successful Medina.

Warren Milota is urging anyone with imaginable accusation connected his woman oregon her conveyance to telephone Medina Township Police astatine 330-723-5191.

"I americium hoping and praying she'll travel home. It conscionable gets darker each time that passes and I request to find her."

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