Rachel Maddow Signs A New Contract And Is Staying At MSNBC

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Rachel Maddow has reportedly agreed to a caller declaration that volition support her astatine MSNBC for years to come, but possibly with a lighter schedule.

Rachel Maddow Renews Her Contract At MSNBC

Variety reported:

Rachel Maddowwill enactment atMSNBC, according to 2 radical acquainted with the matter, aft negotiating a caller pact that volition support her astatine the cable-news outlet beyond 2022.


Under presumption of the caller pact, described arsenic “multi year,” Maddow volition make different projects successful a caller concern with NBCUniversal.


There was nary contiguous connection connected whether Maddow had gained what appeared to beryllium a salient constituent successful her talks with MSNBC. People acquainted with the negotiations had suggested the anchor mightiness beryllium funny successful pulling backmost from the 5 days a week she devotes to the program.

Rachel Maddow Might Not Anchor Her Show 5 Days A Week

Earlier reports connected Maddow’s declaration negotiations suggested that she was seeking 2 things. The MSNBC big wanted the quality to make extracurricular projects, which it sounds similar she got, and she wanted a lighter schedule.

On the uncommon occasions that Rachel Maddow does an interview, she has commented astir her enactment docket and however she has been keeping that docket for much than a decade.

It is plausible that arsenic portion of her caller deal, Maddow volition nary longer beryllium anchoring connected Friday nights.  It is casual to envision a script wherever Rachel Maddow anchors her amusement 4 nights a week and takes Fridays oregon Mondays off.

Rachel Maddow is the hub that MSNBC’s programming is built around. The web has nary replacement for her and would suffer overmuch of its individuality if she would person departed.

Maddow’s caller declaration is simply a triumph for the host, the network, and the viewers.

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