Republicans Are Getting Desperate As Chris Wallace Falsely Hints That Biden Has Dementia

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On Fox News Sunday big Chris Wallace asked if Biden knows what’s going on, arsenic the dementia falsehood is popping up again.


Chris Wallace to Secretary of State Antony Blinken: "Does the president not cognize what's going on?"


The question astir Biden knowing what is going connected besides turned up successful Mike Pompeo’s interrogation connected Fox News connected Sunday morning. This is not a coincidence.

Republicans Are Getting Desperate Because Afghanistan Withdrawal Isn’t Damaging Biden

The polling shows that the American radical are with Biden connected the Afghanistan withdrawal. Since waving the emblem and trying to make faux outrage didn’t enactment past week, Republicans person moved connected to trying to question Biden’s intelligence faculties this week.

The mendacious onslaught connected President Biden is simply a motion that Republicans can’t reason the facts connected Afghanistan. Their fake flag-waving is not working, truthful they person moved connected to cooking up a idiosyncratic smear against the President Of The United States.,

Chris Wallace is much respected than astir of the radical who enactment astatine Fox News, but this question has the look of a coordinated onslaught connected the President.

Fox and the Republicans are losing, truthful they are getting disfigured and hopeless with their attacks connected Joe Biden.

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