Republicans Deceptively Edit Video To Falsely Claim Democrats Don’t Want To Get Americans Out Of Afghanistan

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The National Republican Congressional Committee and respective right-wing blogs are utilizing edited video to falsely assertion Rep. John Garamendi doesn’t enactment getting Americans retired of Afghanistan.

Here Is The Full Video And The Edited Republican Clip

The afloat video of Rep. Garamendi:

Here is the video of Rep. Garamendi that the NRCC edited:


As you tin spot successful the afloat clip above, Garamendi was disagreeing with his House workfellow that the US shouldn’t usage the subject to spell up and down the streets sidesplitting Afghans truthful that Americans tin person a wide way to the airport.

The Republican Lie Machine Warps The Story

It each started with NRCC, who reacted to the video that they edited by saying, “John Garamendi suggesting the United States should wantonness its ain citizens to a violent authorities is simply a betrayal to his state and the radical helium represents.”

That’s not what the congressman said successful immoderate way, shape, oregon form, but the Republicans were conscionable getting started.

Soon, Glenn Beck’s The Blaze picked up the communicative and turned it into, “Democratic lawmaker says US subject isn’t liable for getting Americans to Kabul airdrome safely,” which is not true.

TownHall picked up the communicative and made it adjacent much inaccurate and inflammatory, “California Dem Thinks It ‘Makes No Sense’ to Rescue Americans Who Can’t Get to Kabul Airport,” which again is not what Rep. Garamendi said. The congressman emphatically supports getting each American retired of Afghanistan, but Republicans person nary involvement successful the truth.

As of publication, some The Blaze and Townhall person ignored requests for a correction of their story.

Rep. Garamendi Has Evacuated 24 People From Afghanistan and Helped 58 More Get To Kabul Airport

Republicans Are Smearing A Democratic Congressman With Lies, And It Must Stop.

Rep.  Garamendi told PoliticusUSA for this story, “While the GOP are focused connected playing authorities with the concern successful Afghanistan, my unit and I are focused connected helping Americans and our Afghan allies safely evacuate the region. Any constituent that needs assistance evacuating the country tin interaction my bureau astatine  [email protected]. We are lasting by and acceptable to help.”

Republicans were hoping to usage the Afghanistan withdrawal against President Biden and House Democrats successful 2022, but with polling showing that the immense bulk of Americans are siding with Biden and the Democrats, Republicans are resorting to despicable smears and distortions of the facts.

Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA) and his unit are moving tirelessly to get radical retired of Afghanistan. The lies of galore of the aforesaid radical who person ne'er denounced the January 6 onslaught connected our ideology tin not and volition not beryllium allowed to basal unresponded to and unchallenged.

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