Ring to discontinue desktop apps from October

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(Pocket-lint) - Ring is to unopen down its desktop apps for Mac and PC this coming October.

Native applications for OS X and Windows volition nary longer enactment from 15 October 2021. You volition person to usage either a mobile app connected your telephone oregon tablet, oregon entree your Ring Video Doorbell oregon cameras done a browser instead.

Users volition beryllium logged retired of the dedicated apps and won't beryllium capable to log backmost into them again. Some Ring devices don't enactment successful either the Mac oregon PC apps already, including the Video Doorball Wired, Video Doorbell Pro 2, and Video Doorbell 4.

Those who privation to way their Ring devices connected a desktop oregon laptop machine volition inactive beryllium capable to bash truthful done Ring.com, with caller features being added to web mentation that reflector the cardinal abilities of the autochthonal apps.

That includes the quality to unrecorded presumption camera feeds, cheque retired humanities recordings, adjacent reply calls from your browser.

Ring volition soon adhd browser notifications too, to pass you erstwhile thing needs attention.

You tin besides negociate your Ring Protect subscription and entree the Control Center from the webpage aft logging in.

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We person to say, we're a small disappointed the dedicated desktop apps are vanishing, particularly arsenic we usage the OS X daily, but this does look a decent capable alternative.

Plus, if you person an Alexa instrumentality nearby, you tin set up a regular for your Video Doorbell.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 23 August 2021.

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