Rockjaw Avant Air review: Enough to make you slack-jawed?

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(Pocket-lint) - It's been a fewer years since we past tested immoderate Rockjaw's audio kit, and successful that clip it's continued doing its champion - which is beauteous good, arsenic it turns out. It's a go-to for coagulated dependable prime astatine competitory prices.

Now we've tried retired its existent wireless earbuds, the Avant Air, and the aforesaid decision mostly rings true. But with the marketplace astatine this terms constituent getting each the much competitive, though, is that bully capable immoderate longer?


  • Plastic physique for lawsuit and earbuds
  • IPX5 h2o resistance
  • 6.5g per earbud

When it comes to investigating earbuds, determination tends to beryllium a decent magnitude of repetition connected the plan beforehand - determination are lone truthful galore ways a antithetic shaper tin riff connected the classical Apple AirPods look, for example. We're pleased to accidental that Rockjaw doesn't repetition that somewhat boring failing, though, for amended and for worse.


 Doing its happening  photograph  1

These are earbuds that don't look each excessively overmuch similar immoderate others we've tried. Sadly, we're not definite it's each successful a bully mode this clip - portion they mightiness look different, there's thing beauteous chunky and spiky astir the Avant Air that we can't assistance but respond against. In the receptor they look a small larger than immoderate alternatives, and the pointed edges are somewhat aggressive.

You get the enactment to swap retired that wingtip for a glossier alternative, but we're not definite wherefore you'd request to - still, having the enactment mightiness beryllium bully for some.

The earbuds besides travel with a scope of tips to effort for the champion fit, which we appreciate, including foam options that marque for acold amended isolation, truthful we were capable to get a choky capable seal that the deficiency of progressive noise-cancellation (ANC) didn't consciousness similar excessively overmuch of a loss.

They're besides decently lightweight, which contributes to coagulated comfortableness erstwhile they're really successful your ear, though they don't negociate the "forget you've got them in" magic that immoderate competitors can. A bully level of water-resistance does mean you don't person to beryllium overly mindful of keeping them dry, though, which is welcome.

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The lawsuit is simply a much pared-back affair, made retired of achromatic integrative with a shiny ringing connected apical of it, and the earbuds magnetise into spot beauteous nicely. It's lightweight, which is good, but does deficiency a definite feeling of solidity, particularly erstwhile it comes to snapping its lid shut.

It each adds up to a mixed bag, really. The Avant Air surely look similar their ain thing, but we're not definite everyone volition really similar the benignant that they bring to the table.

Sound prime and features

  • Qualcomm aptX supported
  • 12-hour artillery beingness (39 hours much with the case)

On the dependable broadside of things, we're blessed to study that Rockjaw ekes a amended concern from the constricted fund it's got to spend. The headphones dependable beauteous bully for this terms point.

You'll get a decent punch of bass erstwhile you request it, portion the mid-range comes done clearly. They're not the astir delicate earbuds we've utilized though, erstwhile it comes to the top-end of the spectrum, making them possibly little than cleanable for those who cognize they'll beryllium listening to plentifulness of acoustic oregon treble-rich tracks.


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Connectivity is beauteous unafraid erstwhile you've got it, though we sometimes recovered that the earbuds took a small portion to reconnect to our iPhone erstwhile they came retired of the case. We could rotation astir with them happily erstwhile they were hooked up, though, without losing anything.

In fact, you tin usage them for perfectly ages without having to deliberation astir a charge, too. The Avant Air tin spell 12 hours without a break, and with 39 much hours to get retired of their case, you could easy spell done a mean week without needing to plug them successful astatine all, which is acold amended than galore bigger-name competitors.

There aren't a immense galore much features to constitute location about, with pat controls connected each earbud that enactment good (although they're a small delicate to being activated by the enactment of taking the earbuds retired of the lawsuit successful the archetypal place). The Avant Air besides performs decently erstwhile it comes to telephone quality, picking up voices beauteous well, which isn't thing that you tin ever trust on.


The Rockjaw Avant Air served america good for the mates of weeks we utilized them. Their accessible terms tag is what makes them a sensible enactment for those seeking balanced dependable and awesome artillery beingness connected a humble budget. However, with large names similar Nothing launching earbuds astatine the aforesaid cost, Rockjaw's effort conscionable isn't a slam-dunk.

We don't emotion however Avant Air earbuds look, portion the wide consciousness of the lawsuit and 'buds is somewhat fund successful its physique quality. They're creditable capable wireless earbuds, but conscionable not thing that's going to instrumentality with america excessively long.

Also consider


 Doing its happening  photograph  7

Nothing Ear 1

As mentioned above, Nothing's archetypal acceptable of earbuds hugely impressed us, and instrumentality connected the Avant Air toe-to-toe. They outgo the aforesaid and tick the aforesaid container wherever a unsocial plan is concerned, though with greater occurrence successful our view. They besides battalion successful progressive noise-cancellation to instrumentality the lead, making them a amended enactment for astir people. The lone downside is simply a somewhat convoluted acquisition process.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Mike Lowe. Originally published connected 21 August 2021.

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