Saints Row (2022) release date, screens, trailers and everything you need to know

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(Pocket-lint) - Saints Row is returning to its roots successful the archetypal all-new section from Volition successful 8 years. Ditching overmuch of the craziness that crept into the franchise from Saints Row III and on, the developer is efficaciously rebooting the bid and, arsenic such, this is nary Saints Row V.

Instead, it adopts the archetypal sanction - conscionable "Saints Row" - and the much down-to-earth quality of the 2006 archetypal and its archetypal sequel. Of course, there's humour and immoderate over-the-top combat, but it features a wholly caller formed of characters and caller location.

We've had a backstage briefing with Volition connected the caller Saints Row, truthful here's everything you request to cognize astir the forthcoming open-world reboot.

Saints Row merchandise day and formats

The caller Saints Row volition beryllium released connected some past and current-gen consoles: PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and Xbox One. It volition besides beryllium disposable connected the Epic Games Store for PC.

It volition merchandise connected 25 February 2022.

Saints Row (2022) crippled and characters

The caller Saints Row whitethorn person a fewer Easter Eggs successful it for fans (we've been told), but it tells an all-new communicative with an all-new line-up of characters.

Set successful Santo Ileso - a fictional southbound occidental American metropolis - it is the archetypal to diagnostic some municipality and sparse, suburban districts. This makes for a overmuch larger, much varied sandbox, with Vegas-style zones, the godforsaken and plentifulness of different themed backdrops.

You play arsenic a afloat customisable quality known simply arsenic the "Boss", who indispensable make a caller transgression organisation (The Saints) with three-likeminded but precise idiosyncratic allies: Neenah, Kevin and Eli.

These each person their ain traits and abilities, and mostly cognize the wrong stories of the antithetic factions of Santo Ileso: Los Panteros, The Idols, and Marshall.

Each of those are besides radically antithetic successful manner and combat styles. Marshall, for example, is simply a defence organisation truthful it's followers are heavy equipped with the latest weaponry. While The Idols are influencers and precise overmuch tech-centric.

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One large portion of the archetypal Saints Row that returns is simply a simulation-style facet to increasing the business. In the lawsuit of the latest game, this means earning currency and buying up concern plots, which you tin acceptable to beryllium immoderate benignant of transgression task you fancy. Want to crook a wastedump into a takeaway drugs frachise? Of people you can.

That's 1 of the reboot's astir breathtaking features (for us). As good arsenic a ngo and communicative based campaign, the crippled allows you to cutomise and built your endeavor arsenic you like.

Saints Row features

There are respective large features coming with Saints Row. Here are our highlights truthful far. We'll besides update this database arsenic much features are announced.


The full run tin beryllium played successful co-op, with a drop-in/drop-out strategy truthful a person tin articulation you online for immoderate ngo (or each of them). You tin adjacent play pranks connected your mate on the way.


Much of the enactment successful Saints Row is vehicle-based - with Volition citing Baby Driver and Hobbes & Shaw arsenic a mates of influences connected the benignant of crazy, but inactive grounded worldly you tin get up to. One happening we learned is that the car itself is simply a limb this clip around, alternatively than conscionable trust connected you firing a weapon retired of the window. The crippled has been tweaked to marque that seamless.

You volition besides beryllium capable to instrumentality to the skies, with helicopters, planes and wingsuits disposable alongside cars and bikes.


As we've elaborate above, you get to afloat customise your ain "Boss" character, including the prime of voice, clothing, and more. Volition claims that it volition connection the "most extended quality customisation suite ever seen successful the series".

In addition, you tin physique your drimila empire arsenic you like, placing dodgy endeavours successful areas you bargain oregon instrumentality over.

Saints Row screens

Here are the authoritative Saints Row screengrabs released truthful far.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 25 August 2021.

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