Scammers clean out wallets with fake ads

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NAPLES, Fla. — Several radical successful Collier County had their wallets cleaned retired by scammers erstwhile they thought they were buying a washer and dryer.

“We were buying for a washer and dryer,” said a pistillate who didn’t privation to beryllium identified.

If you don’t privation to wage apical dollar for products, Facebook Marketplace is cleanable to prevention a mates of bucks. That’s astatine slightest what 1 shopper thought. 

After uncovering an advertisement connected Facebook, she rapidly learned it was a scam. 

“I asked if it was available,” the pistillate said. “She said yes. Then she gave maine an code and past she said it’s a $200 deposit.”

After sending her $200, things went south. The swindler said she got busy, and the pistillate could prime up the appliances the adjacent day.

“I said ‘Hmm, that’s funny. I’m going to spell and cheque the address.’”

When she got there, she rapidly recovered retired this warehouse didn’t person a azygous washer oregon dryer successful sight. The unfortunate wasn’t the archetypal to halt by Mario Brothers Detailing.

“I had 4 radical successful 1 day,” said Passos. “She said the aforesaid happening and showed maine the aforesaid picture. I was similar ‘Oh my God, this lady’s scamming people.’”

Other concern owners successful the analyzable told Mario they had adjacent much radical amusement up asking for the aforesaid thing. 

“How they got this address, I person nary clue,” helium said. “It’s benignant of scary actually.”

What’s scary for the victim? It’ll beryllium a portion earlier she mightiness get her wealth backmost from her bank. She’s inactive successful the marketplace for a caller washer and dryer, but she knows 1 spot she won’t beryllium shopping. 

“I’m not going to bash it connected Facebook though,” she said. 

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