Scientists asked pet rat owners for tips on looking after lab rats

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Owners’ insights connected the behaviour of their favored rats could assistance researchers amended the payment of rats successful the laboratory

Life 20 December 2021

By Christa Lesté-Lasserre

 albino rat for carnal  experiments

A rat successful a probe laboratory

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Laboratory rats mightiness unrecorded amended lives if they had cages that fto them basal up, ascent and romp about, according to researchers who gathered lessons connected the animals’ behaviour from favored rat owners.

Vikki Neville astatine the University of Bristol successful the UK turned to backstage owners’ expertise to larn however to amended rats’ surviving environments and recognise imaginable indicators of their well-being.

“Allowing rats to explicit earthy behaviours is really, truly important for their payment and for amended science,” says Neville.

As a idiosyncratic …

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