Sony RX100 VI compact camera just £699 today

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(Pocket-lint) - Every twelvemonth Black Friday delivers immoderate cracking deals if you're looking for a caller camera.

That includes Sony's peculiarly fashionable RX100 MkVI. Although this camera has been disposable astatine this terms antecedently - connected Prime Day - it's present backmost down to it's discount price.

Sony RX100 VI - prevention  £100

The Sony RX100 VI is an precocious compact camera, and a fashionable prime for those wanting thing superior successful a compact form. It's present £699.

The happening that's truthful compelling astir the RX100 bid is however tiny this camera is - rather remarkable, really, erstwhile considering the size of the 1-inch sensor tucked distant inside.

The sixth-gen exemplary was the archetypal to bring a longer lens, astatine 24-200mm, portion continuing with different staple features specified arsenic the super-fast autofocus and pop-up viewfinder (that's usually hidden wrong the body).

It's taken a agelong clip for different manufacturers to drawback up - Canon lone introduced a akin camera successful the G5 X II a fig of years into the RX100's beingness - which is different crushed wherefore Sony has been truthful acold ahead. 

This woody is apt to lone beryllium disposable until the extremity of Friday 26 November, oregon until it sells out, truthful don't hold if you privation to prevention immoderate currency connected this large pocketable camera.

Writing by Jason Denwood. Editing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 12 July 2019.

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