Speaker Pelosi Says John Lewis Voting Rights Bill Is Constitutionally Built To Survive SCOTUS

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Speaker Pelosi told reporters that Democrats enactment an ironclad law ground successful John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act truthful that it volition past the Supreme Court.


Speaker Pelosi says Democrats person fixed the John Lewis voting rights enactment an ironclad law ground that volition past a Supreme Court challenge. https://t.co/uoJgNKWskG


Speaker Pelosi said, “Whatever it is, if they are just saying that the constitutional basis for the authorities was not ironclad enough, past we made definite that it was. Congresswoman Sewall has been working connected this issue. She represents Selma successful the congress. Her transportation to Congressman John Lewis and voting rights and sacrifices made is simply a large one. I was arrogant she prevailed. The Congressman John Lewis measure also had the large enactment of the president of the Judiciary Committee, Mr. Nadler, the seat of the House Administration Committee, Zoe Lofgren. The bully work of Mr. Butterfield connected collecting the information for the constitutional basis. As good arsenic present Secretary Marcia Fudge, but she did that before she near — that was her base past year.”

The Conventional Wisdom Is That The John Lewis Voting Rights Bill Is Dead In The Senate, But It Is Not.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza, the poster lad for wrong the beltway accepted contented governmental takes, says that the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act is already dormant successful the Senate.

He’s wrong.

Cillizza constricted his investigation to 2 points. The measure doesn’t person 60 votes successful the Senate, and Manchin and Sinema won’t stroke up the filibuster to get it passed with 50+ VP Harris.

Senate Democrats person been targeting transition of the John Lewis voting rights enactment from time one. It has the enactment of each Democratic Senator, and Majority Leader Schumer and Speaker Pelosi planned the timing of the propulsion September propulsion connected voting rights to coincide with the reconciliation bill.

Senate Rules Committee Chair Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) has spoken publically astir utilizing reconciliation to walk voting rights legislation.

Democrats privation to get this passed, which is wherefore Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats giving it an ironclad law ground is truthful vital.

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