Terra LUNA Sees Uptrend in Recent Days – Can It Surge Beyond $78?

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LUNA Coin has been showing a precise decent uptrend successful the past fewer days connected its chart, adjacent though broader sentiment successful crypto appears to beryllium waning. Although the coin did propulsion backmost from its enactment level of $54, a mini-rally looks similar it could prolong its nearest absorption level, which is astir $63. But determination are besides a fewer indicators that you should cognize about:

  • The trading measurement stands astatine $2.01 billion, much oregon little the aforesaid contempt headwinds successful the broader market

  • A dependable rally appears feasible from the illustration and could complaint towards all-time highs of $78

  • LUNA has besides flourished adjacent though astir coins person had terrible corrections successful caller weeks.

Data Source: Tradingview.com 

LUNA Coin – Price Prediction

Several method indicators whitethorn suggest that LUNA is really connected the up. First, the important Exponential Moving Averages (20, 50, 100, 200) look to person a bullish alignment albeit the existent terms finds enactment astir the 50-day Exponential Moving Average. We besides looked astatine the Relative Strength Index, which presently stands astatine 56, an denotation that a bullish betterment is connected the cards. 

Also, contempt tumbling earlier, truthful far, LUNA has rallied 26% to deed $54.4. As agelong arsenic the coin sustains this momentum, it’s precise feasible that it could commencement investigating the overhead absorption of astir $77. This could yet pb to a surge successful pricing.

Should You Buy LUNA Coin?

Right now, LUNA appears to beryllium a spot underpriced. Yes, we person seen a batch of coins suffer immoderate of the gains made aboriginal this twelvemonth and a larger crypto correction could inactive proceed till year-end. 

So, during specified volatility, it tin beryllium hard to gauge the existent fundamentals of a coin. But based connected method investigation alone, LUNA offers a bully accidental for speculative short-term trading.

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