The best SIM only deals: Unlimited 5G data for £16/m on Three

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(Pocket-lint) - Ordered a caller phone? Such arsenic the caller Samsung Galaxy S21, iPhone 12, OnePlus Nord 2, oregon adjacent a Xiaomi Mi 11?

Or are you conscionable successful the marketplace for a large SIM Only deal? It's an thought clip to power arsenic determination are immoderate bully plans around, and we've rounded up the champion below.

Over the past fewer years, SIM contracts person seen thing of a resurgence. These SIM Only deals let you to determination networks easy and springiness you large worth for money; they're disposable either connected a 12-month, oregon adjacent rolling monthly plans. 

These SIM-only arrangements are besides perfect if your declaration is up and you privation to prevention wealth by not upgrading to a caller phone, oregon you'd alternatively bargain a mobile telephone SIM free.

The champion SIM Only deals

On this leafage we'll bring you the champion SIM lone deals selected from EE, Three, Vodafone, O2, Giffgaff and more, each redeeming you the clip and effort of hunting astir for these precise offers

The champion woody for dense information users

Three unlimited information  for conscionable  £16

• Three's famous unlimited data, minutes and texts is backmost for just £16 a period (was £22, past £18), connected a 12 period program with 5G and escaped roaming successful 71 destinations. That's a great, large woody of information for each your streaming, web surfing and societal media needs. 

Smarty unlimited for £18

• Smarty (running from Three) has an unlimited SIM program for £18 a month, with a escaped £20 Amazon acquisition card. That's connected a 30-day plan, and you request to beryllium with the web for 3 months for the acquisition card.

Virgin Media unlimited information  priced astatine  £20

Virgin Media is offering unlimited information for £20 a month, with unlimited texts and minutes. This is moving from the EE network, and is connected a 24-month plan.

The champion connection for mean information users

Vodafone 160GB priced astatine  £20

There's a Vodafone woody astir with 160GB information allowance astatine £20 a month, with £25 cashback via Carphone Warehouse . That has 60GB other for the aforesaid terms connected a 24-month plan. 

O2 120GB information  priced astatine  £20

There's an O2 SIM with a 120GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts SIM connected connection - priced astatine £20 a month. That's a bully woody of information connected a 24-month setup with a prime of 6 months of Disney+ oregon Amazon Music Unlimited, alternately you tin opt for either 12 months of Audible  oregon Amazon Prime Video.

giffgaff 100GB coming successful  astatine  £20

• giffgaff (running from the O2 network) has a 30-day 100GB SIM woody for £20 a month, with unlimited mins/texts.

The champion woody for debased information users

Vodafone 4GB for £6

 Vodafone has a bully debased introduction deal, with 4GB of information for £6 a month. You'll besides get unlimited minutes and unlimited texts (12-months).

iD Mobile 6GB costing £7

iD Mobile has a bully introduction level program with its 6GB of data for £7 a month (unlimited minutes and texts). That is simply a constricted connection and was the terms of 3GB, connected a 12-month program that besides allows immoderate utilized information to beryllium rolled implicit to the adjacent month.

Sky Mobile 8GB astatine  conscionable  £10

• Sky Mobile is offering 8GB for £10 a month, moving from the O2 network. It comes with unlimited minutes and texts, positive unlimited information for the Sky apps. 

Compare the cheapest SIM lone deals

Couldn't find a SIM woody above? Here you tin comparison each the champion SIM lone deals disposable close now. You tin usage the sliders and menus to take the champion woody that suits your needs.

Writing by Rob Kerr. Originally published connected 9 August 2016.

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