The Game Has Changed: Watch Florida Pollster Explain Why DeSantis’ COVID Failure Could Open the Door For Dems in the State

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For decades, Florida was the eventual plaything state. It regularly alternated from Red to Blue. And the statesmanlike campaigner who won Florida typically won the presidency.

The state, though, has go progressively red. Democrats inactive managed to triumph the White House successful 2020 losing Florida due to the fact that Joe Biden won large successful the mid-West.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Democrats wouldn’t similar to triumph successful Florida again. And pollster Fernand Amandi thinks that Ron DeSantis’ horrible COVID show has opened the doorway for them to bash so.

Amandi made the comments portion speaking with MSNBC’s Jason Johnson connected Tuesday. “Things are looking truly atrocious for him,” helium said. “I deliberation you conscionable touched connected it. The biggest communicative successful Florida is this conception that Emperor DeSantis has nary clothes.”

The Game Has Changed: Watch Florida Pollster Explain Why DeSantis' COVID Failure Could Open the Door For Dems successful the State


The pollster continued:

“I deliberation that, much than thing else, speaks to the governmental weakness that this politician has chosen connected an contented that’s not lone antiscience and against each aesculapian advice, it is against each practical, governmental reasons to bash this erstwhile parents overwhelmingly privation to instrumentality each measurement imaginable to support their children from acquiring covid successful the worse situation of covid that we person seen yet.”

It wasn’t that agelong agone that DeSantis was considered the front-runner to situation Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination. Now, polling suggests that he’s going to conflict to adjacent clasp successful Florida.

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