TikTok Kitchens will offer delivery-only viral food trends

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(Pocket-lint) - TikTok has go a large subordinate successful the satellite of viral nutrient trends, with its short-form videos already having inspired a wide scope of dishes to scope caller heights of popularity acknowledgment to snappy recipes and delicious-looking presentation.

Now, that power is becoming a small much concrete, arsenic TikTok announces TikTok Kitchens, a caller delivery-only nutrient work that volition beryllium launching successful a fewer 100 locations astir the US to connection radical the accidental to bid dishes inspired by their favourite TikTok influencers and recipes.

The logistics are being handled by Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC), the anonymous-sounding institution that besides launched YouTuber MrBeast's enactment of burger joints past year, thing that's grown into a existent occurrence and seen the branded nutrient motorboat internationally since.

The nutrient volition seemingly beryllium prepared by existing restaurants to standards acceptable by VDC, alternatively than requiring caller facilities to open, and proceeds from each crockery volition seemingly beryllium portioned up betwixt the creators that inspired the dishes successful question, TikTok and VDC.

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Interestingly, a TikTok spokesperson has told The Verge, "To beryllium clear, this is simply a run to bring TikTok foods to fans, not a task into the edifice business." Despite that, determination are plans to grow from an intial 300 locations to implicit 1,000 by the extremity of 2022, which sounds a small similar a task to us.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 20 December 2021.

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