Trump’s Legacy: Hate Crimes Surged To A 12 Year High In 2020

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One of the galore atrocious legacies of the Donald Trump presidency was hatred crimes reaching a 12 twelvemonth precocious during his last twelvemonth successful office.

CNN reported:

The report, released connected Monday, recovered much than 7,700 transgression hatred transgression incidents were reported to the FBI successful 2020, an summation of astir 450 incidents implicit 2019. The summation comes adjacent arsenic less agencies reported hatred transgression incidents successful their jurisdictions to the FBI than successful erstwhile years.

Last twelvemonth had the highest tally of reported hatred transgression incidents since 2008, erstwhile 7,783 incidents were reported to the FBI.

The information released connected Monday showed that bias against African Americans overwhelmingly comprised the largest class of reported hatred transgression offenses pertaining to race, with a full of 56% of those crimes motivated by anti-Black oregon African American bias. Asians person been targeted during the Covid-19 pandemic amid online and governmental rhetoric stigmatizing them, though this class of hatred transgression is often underreported.

Trump’s bequest is not conscionable immense amounts of transgression and corruption oregon sidesplitting hundreds of thousands of Americans with pandemic absorption negligence. Trump besides remade parts of America into his ain bigoted and hateful image.

No president has been viscerally associated with hatred much than Donald Trump. The erstwhile president didn’t invent hate. There has been bigotry and racism successful the state agelong earlier it was the United States.

Trump took the hatred retired of the nation’s darkest corners, gave it a stamp of approval, and made it mainstream.

Hatred is who Trump is, and his mentality was reflected successful the national hatred transgression statistics.

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