Under Armour's Flow Velociti Wind 2 smart trainers can track and analyse runs

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(Pocket-lint) - Under Armour has unveiled a caller brace of astute moving trainers that enactment with the Map My Run app. 

Called the UA Flow Velociti Wind 2, they reportedly way and analyse your runs, making them perfect for those who privation to amended their moving game. As TechRadar noted, the close footwear features a lightweight sensor that collects information arsenic you tally and transmits it to your telephone implicit Bluetooth.

The caller shoes, which are acceptable to merchandise globally sometime successful the archetypal 4th of adjacent year, travel past year's Flow Veclociti Wind moving shoes.

Instead of packing a rubber outsole, Under Armour's Flow Velociti Wind bid athletics a cushioning and sole design, which should adjacent much traction and little weight. The companies second-generation footwear further improves upon this plan with a caller bottommost strategy that provides much lockdown astatine the back. There's besides a molded EVA sock liner that's supposedly much durable for longer sessions.

Apparently, you tin nexus your shoes to your telephone for real-time signifier coaching tips based connected your cadence, pace, and stride, but you volition inactive request a GPS smartwatch to way your way and to rapidly entree stats astir your time, distance, and speed. 

If immoderate of this interests you, Under Armour is pricing its latest moving shoes astatine $160 (about £120 / AU$230).

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Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 21 December 2021.

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