US Justice Department awards FIFA and other football governing bodies more than $200M following corruption investigation

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The US Department of Justice awarded $201 cardinal to FIFA, planetary football's governing body; CONCACAF, the confederation overseeing shot successful North and Central America on with the Caribbean countries; CONMEBOL, the governing confederation successful South America, and different affected entities.

The DOJ determined the organizations had been victims of decades-long bribery schemes that person corrupted shot and stunted the game's development.

    "I americium delighted to spot that wealth which was illegally siphoned retired of shot is present coming backmost to beryllium utilized for its due purposes, arsenic it should person been successful the archetypal place," said FIFA President Gianni Infantino. "The information is that, acknowledgment to (US Justice Department) involution backmost successful 2015, we person been capable to fundamentally alteration FIFA from a toxic organisation astatine the time, to a highly esteemed and trusted planetary sports governing body."

      FIFA corruption probe targets 'World Cup of fraud,' IRS main  says

      The probe resulted successful charges levied against much than 50 radical and corporations from much than 20 countries, the DOJ said. The charges are "primarily successful transportation with the connection and receipt of bribes and kickbacks paid by sports selling companies to shot officials successful speech for the media and selling rights to assorted shot tournaments and events," the DOJ connection read.

      An indictment was initially unsealed successful May 2015, the DOJ connection read, which charged 14 FIFA officials and sports selling executives with racketeering, honorable services ligament fraud and wealth laundering offenses among others. An further 16 FIFA officials were charged with akin crimes aft an indictment was unsealed successful December 2015, DOJ said.

        "Four firm entities person pleaded blameworthy and others, including banking institutions, person acknowledged their roles successful transgression behaviour done deferred prosecution oregon non-prosecution agreements," the DOJ connection read, adding that the probe is inactive ongoing.

        FIFA, CONCACAF, and CONMEBOL volition administer funds from the $201 cardinal reward into a recently created World Football Remission Fund, which volition beryllium established nether the FIFA Foundation "that is focused connected younker programs, assemblage outreach and humanitarian needs," DOJ said.

        CNN's Laura Smitherman contributed to this report.

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