US Women's National Team players' association calls identical contract proposal 'PR stunts'

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(CNN)The US Soccer Federation offered the women's and men's nationalist teams identical contracts, a connection that the United States Women's National Team Players Association (USWNTPA) called "PR stunts."

The sport's nationalist governing assemblage made the connection to some teams successful an effort to resoluteness an ongoing dispute with the US Women's nationalist shot squad implicit adjacent pay.

"USSF's PR stunts and bargaining done the media volition not bring america immoderate person to a just agreement," the USWNTPA, which acts arsenic a national for the players, said in a tweet connected Wednesday.

    "In contrast, we are committed to bargaining successful bully religion to execute adjacent wage and the safest moving conditions possible. The connection that USSF made precocious to america does neither," it added.

      The federation responded to the USWNTPA's societal media station soon after, tweeting, "An connection connected insubstantial of identical contracts to the USWNT and USMNT, and to sermon equalizing prize money, is real, authentic and successful bully faith. A publicity stunt is simply a 90-minute one-sided movie."

      A caller connection

      In a connection connected Tuesday, the federation said it "firmly believes that the champion way guardant for each involved, and for the aboriginal of the athletics successful the United States, is simply a azygous wage operation for some elder nationalist teams."

      "This connection volition guarantee that USWNT and USMNT players stay among the highest paid elder nationalist squad players successful the world, portion providing a gross sharing operation that would let each parties to statesman anew and stock collectively successful the accidental that combined concern successful the aboriginal of U.S. Soccer volition present implicit the people of a caller CBA," the connection said.

      "Additionally, U.S. Soccer has erstwhile again called upon the players and some Players Associations to articulation the Federation successful uncovering a mode to equalize FIFA World Cup prize wealth betwixt the USMNT and the USWNT. U.S. Soccer volition not hold to immoderate corporate bargaining statement that does not instrumentality the important measurement of equalizing FIFA World Cup prize money."

      FIFA gave retired $30 cardinal successful prize wealth to the women's players competing astatine the 2019 World Cup, while the men's players received $400 cardinal for the 2018 World Cup.

      When the USWNT won the 2019 World Cup, FIFA paid each  players $30 cardinal  successful  prize money, compared to the 2018 variation  of the tournament, wherever  they offered $400 cardinal  to the men's players.

      'I deliberation we're moving successful the close direction'

      US shot prima Alex Morgan, who won the World Cup with her nationalist squad successful 2019, said the USWNTPA "still request to chat astir the connection fixed by US Soccer."

      "Any committedness to adjacent wage publically is good. However, we request to look enactment by enactment astatine what they're really providing. If you person adjacent but it's not adjacent what we got earlier oregon to the worth that we are past we inactive see that not bully enough. We volition proceed to enactment with US Soccer moving forward, looking towards adjacent and just outgo and treatment," Morgan added, speaking up of USWNT's affable against Paraguay connected Thursday.

      She said that arsenic the team's corporate bargaining statement (CBA) ends astatine the extremity of the year, they are "in progressive negotiations close now."

      "We don't privation to commencement the caller twelvemonth without a caller CBA successful effect. That's the No. 1 precedence of our PA, of our ineligible team. Looking astatine the statements, it's hard to say. We privation to consciousness encouraged, and we privation to beryllium optimistic. But we person seen a batch of statements before.

      "What we truly privation to bash is spot what we tin bash astatine the dialog table, to spot those statements beryllium enactment into enactment successful those negotiations. Of course, we're ever hopeful. You person to proceed to person hope. We're seeing large things astir the world, astir precocious with Ireland agreeing to adjacent wage for their pistillate and antheral teams. I deliberation we're moving successful the close direction."

      An ongoing quality

      The existent back-and-forth betwixt the women's squad and their governing assemblage marks a continuation of a quality dating backmost to March 2019, erstwhile the USWNT filed a sex favoritism suit against the US Soccer.

      With 28 of the team's players listed arsenic plaintiffs, the USWNT's assertion that they were paid little than the men's nationalist squad was rejected successful May 2020 by national justice Gary Klausner, who ruled that the women's broadside played much matches and made much wealth than their antheral counterparts.

      Following the decision, two-time World Cup-winning USWNT players Christen Press and Tobin Heath told CNN of their tendency to proceed the combat for adjacent pay, with Heath describing the stakes arsenic "bigger than thing we could ever triumph successful football".

      In July of this year, the USWNT filed an appeal against the May 2020 ruling, saying the determination "defies reality" and was "legally wrong".

      US Soccer tweeted a statement successful effect to the team's appeal, saying the determination "correctly held that the Women's National Team was paid much some cumulatively and connected an mean per-game ground than the Men's National Team."

      After the USWNT's assertion  that they were paid little  than the men's nationalist  squad  was rejected successful  May 2020 by national  justice  Gary Klausner, two-time World Cup-winner Tobin Heath told CNN the stakes for adjacent   wage  are "bigger than thing  we could ever   triumph   successful  football."


      As the USWNT continues to advocator for adjacent pay, women's nationalist shot organizations elsewhere person seen promising developments.

      The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) announced that the women's squad would person the aforesaid pay arsenic the men's broadside successful September 2020, some successful presumption of regular rates and prize money.

      Last month, the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) revealed that the elder men and women's nationalist teams would person the aforesaid fees connected planetary duty, with the men's squad agreeing to a interest simplification successful bid to level the payments.

      "This is simply a large time for Irish football," Ireland Senior Women's Team skipper Katie McCabe said.

      "We person taken a immense measurement guardant with this woody and person shown the satellite what tin beryllium achieved done unity arsenic we connection antheral and pistillate planetary players the aforesaid opportunities."

        Men's skipper Seamus Coleman added: "On behalf of the Senior Men's squad, I invited this quality today.

        "We are delighted arsenic players to bash what we tin to guarantee that our pistillate planetary players are treated arsenic and reasonably and we stay afloat committed to doing immoderate we tin to execute that extremity together."

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