USOPC will require Covid-19 vaccine for all US athletes at Beijing Games

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(Reuters)The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) connected Wednesday said each US athletes hoping to vie astatine the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics volition request to beryllium vaccinated against Covid-19.

"Effective Nov. 1, 2021, the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee volition necessitate each USOPC staff, athletes and those utilizing USOPC facilities -- including the grooming centers -- to beryllium afloat vaccinated against COVID-19," USOPC CEO Sarah Hirshland wrote successful a missive reviewed by Reuters.

"This request volition besides use to our afloat Team USA delegation astatine aboriginal Olympic and Paralympic Games."

    Athletes and unit would person an accidental to get a aesculapian oregon spiritual exemption to the mandate, the USOPC said.

      None of the large North American sports leagues necessitate their athletes to beryllium vaccinated. The International Olympic Committee did not necessitate athletes who competed astatine the Tokyo Games to beryllium vaccinated, though it was encouraged.

      The Winter Olympics successful  Beijing statesman  successful  February adjacent  year.

      Hirshland said the USOPC had hoped Covid-19 restrictions would beryllium lifted by the extremity of the pandemic-delayed Tokyo Games, but successful world the pandemic is "far from over."

      "This measurement volition summation our quality to make a harmless and productive situation for Team USA athletes and staff, and let america to reconstruct consistency successful planning, mentation and work to athletes," she said.

        The determination has the enactment of the Athletes' Advisory Council and National Governing Bodies Council, she said, which was further reinforced by the Food and Drug Administration's support of the Pfizer vaccine and the caller mandates by the US national government.

        The Beijing Winter Games statesman connected February 4 adjacent year.

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