Vanessa Estelle Williams on the cultural significance of 'Candyman' and why she's not into scary stuff

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(CNN)Vanessa Estelle Williams whitethorn beryllium sidesplitting it successful fearfulness projects these days, but don't expect her to propulsion retired a Ouija committee anytime soon.

The histrion is reprising her relation from the archetypal 1992 "Candyman" movie in the caller sequel and impermanent starred connected the TV bid "American Horror Stories."

But she told CNN she prefers her scares to beryllium much thriller like.

    "I archer people, 'I bash fearfulness but I don't ticker that overmuch origin I'm a scaredy cat,'" Williams said. "I'll ticker it, you know, successful the daytime with immoderate friends, but arsenic a kid peculiarly I was haunted by the devil."

      Not literally, conscionable the thought of evil. Which is portion of the crushed wherefore Williams is truthful convincing returning arsenic Anne-Marie McCoy.

      This clip the mounting is simply a luxury loft condo successful Cabrini, present gentrified beyond recognition, and her character's lad Anthony (portrayed by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) is an creator who becomes obsessed with the hook-handed murderer.

      The Candyman successful the caller movie is arsenic overmuch a practice of Black rage against racism arsenic helium is simply a supernatural boogeyman.

      The horrors of favoritism and inequality are communal themes for the film's co-writer and shaper Jordan Peele and the communicative gets a caller framing by him and manager Nia DaCosta.

      Williams quotes Peele arsenic saying, "At the halfway of 'Candyman' is the eternal creation betwixt the monster and unfortunate and the racialized past of this country."

      "It's the hashtags of those names of brothers and radical who've been killed by radical unit earlier determination were hashtags," Williams said. "So, it's the intergenerational unit against achromatic people... In remaking it and reframing it arsenic achromatic radical successful complaint of the narrative, we reclaim it and we get to heal."

      The histrion said she recognizes however her character, arsenic the parent of a Black man, stands arsenic a practice of Black women who person seen the information that tin await their children.

      That is made adjacent much poignant by the information that Williams is present herself of a parent of 2 sons who person grown from cute small boys into what immoderate radical see a threat.

      "So, those are existent dynamics arsenic a achromatic parent that we person to face," she said. "And I came backmost to them, to the movie, to this character, with each of that lived experience."

        Williams is staying engaged these days.

        In summation to "Candyman," successful theaters now, she besides has a relation successful the 2nd play of the Showtime bid "The L Word: Generation Q."

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