WATCH: Fox’s Faulkner Says if Kamala Harris Cares About Women She’ll Go to Afghanistan and “Own It”

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After the disastrous presidency of Donald Trump, it tin beryllium casual to hide that Kamala Harris is the country’s archetypal pistillate Vice President. The anchors of Fox News, however, person not forgotten astir her gender.

In fact, Fox personalities regularly usage Harris arsenic a scapegoat for thing they consciousness is going incorrect with the country. During a Monday segment, big Harris Faulkner demanded that the Vice President spell to Afghanistan truthful she tin spot however women are treated.

The Fox big told her audience:

Why doesn’t she spell to Afghanistan?” Faulkner asked successful a somber tone. “I mean, if she truly cares astir women. Biden told her to beryllium the past idiosyncratic successful the country connected Afghanistan truthful she owns it. And with a state that is virtually truthful bloodthirsty for its women close now, we person specified a high-profile pistillate breaking barriers and each with Kamala Harris. We can’t find a item to get her someplace safely into Afghanistan?

Faulkner continued, “Gosh, wouldn’t that beryllium a moment? Wouldn’t it beryllium a infinitesimal to spot the nation’s pistillate vice president acceptable down successful a state that hunts america women similar bugs nether their shoe? They conscionable privation to termination us. They conscionable privation america to capitulate to their each need, which includes slavery.”

As agelong arsenic Harris is successful office, she is going to beryllium a large people for Fox News. Expect plentifulness much of this implicit the adjacent 3 years.

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