Weird and wonderful views captured via Google Earth

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(Pocket-lint) - The satellite is simply a fantastic spot and with Google Earth, you tin astir question the full globe successful the blink of an eye.

Doing truthful tin beryllium truly eye-opening too, arsenic determination are each sorts of places that erstwhile viewed from supra instrumentality connected a caller meaning oregon view.

We've collected immoderate of the astir absorbing spots you tin poke astir at.

A stealth bomber

In December 2021 a Redditor spotted a show you're improbable to spot precise often. A stealth bomber successful flight. Failing to unrecorded up to its name.  

There's besides 1 implicit on British shores too, but astatine slightest that 1 is connected the ground. 

The Badlands Guardian

When viewed from above, there's a definite spot successful Alberta, Canada wherever a earthy enactment of the onshore looks similar the look of a person. 

That idiosyncratic appears to beryllium listening to immoderate euphony with earphones (actually a roadworthy and lipid well) and staring disconnected thoughtfully into the distance. 

Swastika shaped gathering successful California

Historically, the swastika awesome was a spiritual awesome for divinity and spirituality. But erstwhile the Nazis adopted it arsenic their awesome during WW2 it took connected a caller meaning. 

In 2008, Google Earth users discovered this building successful Coronado, California and the net was outraged. It turns retired this analyzable is simply a US Navy gathering that was primitively constructed successful 1967. The gathering evolved implicit clip and yet came to go what it is today. 

The Navy agreed to bash thing astir it and camouflage its signifier aft the net find sparked controversy. 

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Blood Lake (Lago Vermelho)

Just extracurricular Baghdad successful Iraq, there's a agleam reddish water that looks similar it is made of blood. 

When it was archetypal spotted, it was suggested that it was caused by section slaughter houses dumping discarded into the canals, but it's thought to beryllium much apt to beryllium caused by pollution. 

Either way, it's a curiosity. 

Aeroplane graveyard

Located conscionable extracurricular Tucson, Arizona, lies Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. This basal is the past resting spot for thousands of obsolete subject aeroplanes. 

Take a look astatine Google Earth's 3D mode and you'll spot each mode of breached down planes. 

The world's largest star farm

This is the world's largest star farm located successful India. It spans 14,000 acres of onshore and produces 2.25GW of power. 

This portion of India is known for its precocious temps and solar-rich upwind making it cleanable for specified an installation.  

Uffington White Horse

This is the Uffington White Horse, a prehistoric fig that's carved into the hills of the English countryside successful Oxfordshire. 

The equine is formed from heavy trenches filled with chalk. It's said that the hillside artwork is astatine slightest 3,000 years old. 

Every clip we spot this view, we wonderment however the archetypal creators knew what they were crafting erstwhile they didn't person the vantage of specified a elaborate aerial view. 

The Giant Triangle

In Wittmann, Arizona, there's a elephantine triangle inexplicably located conscionable extracurricular of town. The happening is monolithic and looks similar it mightiness beryllium Superman's motion to his radical carved into the land. 

Sadly it's really conscionable a disused airfield. Looks beauteous chill from supra though. 

A guitar shaped forest

In portion of the fertile portion of Argentina, there's a peculiar agelong of onshore wherever a husbandman has grown a guitar shaped wood successful representation of his wife. 

Pedro Martin Ureta and his 4 children acceptable astir planting 7,000 trees to turn a magnificent guitar shape. Formed of cypress trees and eucalyptus trees, the extremity effect is superb erstwhile viewed from above. A fantastic tribute to the woman who inspired the idea

Heart shaped lake

This magnificent backstage property located successful Columbia Station, Ohio boasts a earnestly romanticist water shaped similar a heart. 


Giant target

In the depths of Nevada, there's a elephantine target seemingly painted connected the ground. 

It's thought that this elephantine happening is apt to beryllium an aerial photograph calibration target. These sorts of markings look each implicit the US and were utilized to calibrate, absorption and trial aerial photographic instrumentality during the 1950s and 60s.

Whipsnade White Lion

Just extracurricular Whipsnade Zoo, there's an tremendous lion chopped into the broadside of the hill, crafting different magnificent chalk artwork connected the English countryside. 

This is 1 of several elevation figures dotted astir the country. The lion is 1 of the newest dating backmost to conscionable 1931. While the others spell backmost centuries. 

Potash Ponds

This wonderfully colourful show is known arsenic Potash Ponds. These are mines that are utilized successful the instauration of antithetic fertilisers. 

The ponds look this mode owed to the chemic make-up successful the waters. With copper sulfate being utilized to forestall bacterial and algal growth, the effect is an inviting bluish glow akin to Mediterranean oceans. 

Coca Cola

Over successful Chile, you'll find the World's largest Coca-Cola logo

This monument to capitalism was primitively crafted a fewer decades agone to commemorate 100 years of the marque (since updated to 125 years). 

The alleged geo-sign is was crafted utilizing 70,000 bare Coca Cola bottles successful bid to marque it ample capable to see from space

Richat Structure

This is the Richat Structure, besides known arsenic the Eye of the Sahara. It's an country of geological erosion with exposed sedimentary stone and layers of igneous formations. 

The erosion has created a magnificent presumption which is peculiarly bully erstwhile seen from above. 

A swimming excavation successful a river

In Berlin, connected the stream Spree, there's a swimming pool. But not conscionable immoderate swimming pool, a swimming excavation that's built connected a river. 

Weird, fantastic and a small spot wild?

Mattel logo

In El Segundo, California is Mattel's planetary headquarters. The gathering seen present is beauteous magnificent, but the Mattel logo emblazoned connected the level is adjacent much impressive. 

Seen by Google Earth, it's conscionable arsenic good. 

UTA Flight 772 Desert Memorial

In 1989, UTA Flight 772 bound for Paris was blown up by Libyan terrorists portion implicit the Sahara desert. All connected committee were killed. 

The remains of the level were strewn crossed the godforsaken beneath and successful its place, a memorial was built. That memorial consisted of a acheronian chromatic ellipse surrounded by 170 breached mirrors to correspond those that died. It's a poignant memorial to those that passed. Years agone it was intelligibly disposable from the sky but present has been weathered by the passing of clip and godforsaken sands. 

Barringer Meteor Crater

Barringer Meteor Crater is 1 of the many meteor craters on Earth. It's said to beryllium 50,000 years old, 560 feet heavy and 1 heck of a sight. 

It's surely awesome erstwhile viewed from the sky. 

Curious pattern

In China, there's a curious spot successful a godforsaken country that has immoderate weird and fantastic patterns marking the landscape. We wonderment however this has happened. Is it man-made oregon immoderate earthy erosion that's created a funny signifier successful the landscape?

Irrigated fields

In the State of Washington USA, determination is simply a ample country of satisfyingly awesome circles of farmland. This is an country of centre-pivot irrigation onshore wherever crops are efficiently watered with a pivoting sprinkler system. A clever spot of farming and an awesome presumption from above. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 23 June 2021.

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