What is Android 12L, which devices run it, and how is Android 12 different?

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(Pocket-lint) - At the Android Dev Summit successful October 2021, Google announced Android 12L. It described 12L arsenic "optimised for the adjacent question of large-screen devices" - which includes foldables, tablets, and adjacent devices that tally Chrome OS. Here's what you request to cognize astir Android 12L.

What is Android 12L?

Simply put: 12L is an operating strategy update. Google positioned it arsenic a "special diagnostic driblet that makes Android 12 adjacent amended connected ample screens". The institution fundamentally tweaked its strategy UI for ample screens, added much multitasking features, and improved compatibility enactment for apps.

What does the L basal for?

As acold arsenic we tin tell, the "L" successful Android 12L stands for "large-screen devices" - but Google has yet to confirm. 

How is 12L antithetic from Android 12?

Essentially, Android 12L tin alteration the layout of a device’s UI, adjusting the placement of the location screen, fastener screen, notifications, Quick Settings, and more. Any surface that is 600 density-independent pixels (dp) and supra volition show a two-column layout that uses the full screen.

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In 1 illustration for Android 12L, Google said the Quick Settings paper connected a large-screen instrumentality could spell toward the near broadside of the display, portion the notifications sheet could beryllium pinned to the right, allowing you to usage some simultaneously without opening 1 app and closing another.

According to Google, the pursuing 3 components marque Android 12L antithetic from the modular mentation of Android 12 moving connected smartphones: 

  • Optimised for ample screens: Includes a refined the UI to marque Android easier to usage connected screens larger than 600sp.
  • Built for multitasking: Includes a taskbar that lets you resistance and driblet an app into split-screen mode and power apps.
  • Improved compatibility experience: Visual and stableness changes assistance each apps look built specifically for ample screens.

When volition Android 12L beryllium available?

Google said Android 12L volition merchandise for consumers sometime successful aboriginal 2022.

Is determination an Android 12L beta?

Yes. A developer preview is disposable for radical to test. From the developer preview page, download the Android 12L emulator to get started.

Which devices enactment Android 12L?

Google said it's moving with OEM partners to rotation retired the 12L update. A developer preview of Android 12L for the Lenovo P12 Pro tablet is coming.

Want to cognize more?

Check retired Google's developer page for Android 12L. Pocket-lint besides has an in-depth usher connected Android 12, specifically.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 27 October 2021.

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