What’s a Postbiotic?

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If you’re gut-curious (we surely are), you mightiness person travel crossed the taxable of postbiotics, which are opening to go disposable successful supplement form.

The subject of postbiotics—including what they are, however they function, and whether they’re worthy taking successful a pill—is inactive aboriginal successful its development. There’s a batch that scientists don’t cognize yet. We’ll get into that. But to recognize what we bash cognize astir postbiotics, you person to recognize the basics of microbiome science, truthful we’ll commencement there.


The gut microbiome consists of communities of antithetic microbes—mostly bacteria and yeasts—that unrecorded successful the lining of our digestive tract. This microbiome develops and changes passim our life: Our archetypal microbes typically travel from our mothers during the process of vaginal commencement and breastfeeding, and we get much passim childhood, mostly from the foods we eat. Genetics plays a role, too. In adulthood, the gut microbiome tends to stabilize, but it tin inactive beryllium altered by definite manner habits, similar diet, arsenic good arsenic disruptions similar stress, travel, antibiotic use, and definite medicine drugs.

In a steadfast microbiome, the bulk of these microbes are bully for america oregon somewhat neutral. They unrecorded successful harmony with our bodies and execute functions that we can’t propulsion disconnected by ourselves, similar digesting definite foods and producing definite nutrients. The microbes that aren’t truthful bully for our bodies are usually kept successful cheque by the beneficial ones arsenic they vie for abstraction successful our bodies. Some disruptive events whitethorn pb to overgrowth of these not-so-good microbes, resulting successful yeast infections and conditions similar small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

(Our bodies besides person microbiomes extracurricular of the gut: We person communities of microbes conscionable astir everywhere, similar connected the skin, successful the mouth, and successful the vagina.)


While they often dwell of types of bacteria akin to those people contiguous successful the microbiome, probiotics are unrecorded and progressive cultures grown successful a installation for the circumstantial intent of modulating the body’s earthy microbiome. You find them astir often successful capsules. Some of them necessitate refrigeration; others are shelf-stable. The types of microbes contiguous successful a probiotic supplement vary. If you’re taking probiotics for a circumstantial purpose, the benignant you’re taking matters: Like the microbes recovered people successful your gut, the microbes successful probiotics execute antithetic functions successful the body.

We measurement probiotics successful colony-forming units oregon progressive fluorescent units alternatively than by measurement oregon weight. CFU and AFU number the fig of viable microbes per serving—which typically falls successful the billions. Expect to spot CFU much often than AFU: AFU takes vantage of newer, much precise exertion and includes microbes that mightiness not beryllium accounted for successful CFU (if a microbe is progressive but not culturable, CFU doesn’t number it), but it’s not particularly communal yet. Higher CFU oregon AFU counts are not needfully better. The champion dose of immoderate fixed probiotic strain is the 1 that has shown results successful technological studies.

The microbes successful probiotics are transient, meaning they walk done the assemblage and bash not typically signifier imperishable colonies successful the gut. Which is wherefore taking probiotics consistently is important—the probiotics you instrumentality contiguous won’t instrumentality astir for long.

If you’re looking for a probiotic to screen each your bases, determination are a mates we’d recommend. First up is the goop Wellness Gut Microbiome Superpowder. It’s formulated with a 10 cardinal CFU of a azygous probiotic strain, Lactobacillus plantarum 299v, that’s been shown successful objective studies to beforehand digestive wellness and function, including enactment for occasional digestive upset, bloating, and regularity.* It’s unchangeable astatine country temperature, truthful there’s nary refrigeration needed here. And it’s successful a convenient pulverization signifier that blends large into smoothies, iced coffee, oregon a solid of water.

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Seed’s Daily Synbiotic is different large option. The researchers astatine Seed did their homework: The Daily Synbiotic contains twenty-four clinically researched probiotic strains, galore successful the quantity that was shown to beryllium effectual successful technological studies. Each two-capsule serving contains 53.6 cardinal AFU. That’s a lot, truthful if you’re caller to probiotics, commencement with 1 capsule a time until your assemblage acclimates. (Both of these supplements besides incorporate prebiotics, which we’ll screen next.)

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A prebiotic is immoderate compound that feeds bacteria successful the gut. Typically, fibers that our bodies would not different digest, similar inulin and definite oligosaccharides, are the ones bacteria thrive on. This process is portion of the crushed we person gut microbiomes successful the archetypal place. We bash thing bully for them by providing them nutrient and a spot to live, and they bash thing bully for america by supporting antithetic functions successful our bodies, similar digestion and immunity. (In biology, this benignant of mutualism is called a symbiotic relationship.)

Prebiotics hap people successful galore plant-based foods; if you devour a fare with plentiful fruits, vegetables, and full grains, you’ll apt get plentifulness of prebiotics from nutrient alone. If you’d similar other support, you tin look for a supplement that contains prebiotics. (Check with your doc first: For radical with definite gut disorders, similar SIBO, prebiotic supplements tin exacerbate symptoms.)

Pairing probiotic and prebiotic supplements whitethorn beryllium beneficial. Science suggests that the prebiotics whitethorn assistance amended the viability of the probiotics arsenic they marque their mode done the gut. Some groups person started utilizing the connection “synbiotic” to picture a supplement that contains some prebiotics and probiotics, similar Seed’s Daily Synbiotic.


To recap: Innate gut microbes and probiotics are progressive bacteria and yeasts. Those bacteria and yeasts thrive by eating prebiotics. Postbiotics are what’s near implicit aft those prebiotics are digested and fermented successful the intestine.

The subject of postbiotics is an emerging and evolving field. Most technological probe connected postbiotics has been published wrong the past decade, and dissimilar with prebiotics and probiotics, there’s not yet a statement connected what is simply a postbiotic and what’s not. For now, the connection “postbiotic” is an umbrella word that represents each sorts of functional compounds that person been metabolized by microbes and fermented successful the gut. Some whitethorn person important benefits for our wellness and imaginable applications successful medicine, portion others whitethorn conscionable beryllium discarded products. It’s breathtaking stuff—goop’s nonmigratory registered dietitian, Thira Burns, believes that postbiotics whitethorn beryllium the adjacent large happening successful nutritional science. “We already cognize that eating fermented foods is bully for the gut,” Burns says. “Research connected postbiotics whitethorn assistance america unlock why.”

Like prebiotics and probiotics earlier them, immoderate postbiotics are opening to go disposable arsenic supplements. We privation to beryllium abundantly clear: Scientists bash not yet cognize if there’s a broad payment to taking postbiotics arsenic supplements, and we haven’t spelled retired however oregon wherefore these compounds enactment the mode they bash successful the body. If you’re looking astatine a supplement that contains a postbiotic, it’s important to inquire questions and bash your probe earlier buying. Some postbiotics person shown functional results successful probe settings and whitethorn beryllium worthy a changeable if those probe results align with your wellness goals. For example, there’s a whole-food fermented yeast called EpiCor that’s considered a postbiotic, and it’s been studied for its narration with a steadfast immune system. We included EpiCor successful the formulation for Perfect Attendance, our immune enactment chews, due to the fact that of that research. And the short-chain fatty acerb butyrate—a compound that’s usually recovered successful the gut arsenic a postbiotic—has been studied for supporting steadfast gut function.

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