Why now could be a surprisingly good time for you to buy an LG smartphone

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(Pocket-lint) - In April 2021, LG Electronics announced its volition to adjacent its “mobile concern unit”. Hence, you shouldn’t expect immoderate caller LG-branded smartphone models to deed retail channels successful the foreseeable future. However, could this infinitesimal contiguous customers with a invaluable opportunity?

In its property release, LG said it expected to decorativeness winding down its mobile telephone concern by July 2021, which has proven true, but added that “inventory of immoderate existing models whitethorn inactive beryllium disposable aft that”. So, should you see picking up an LG smartphone from remaining supplies earlier they are yet depleted? 

Will LG proceed providing bundle enactment for existing smartphone models? 

LG implied that competitory pressures were 1 crushed for its departure from the mobile telephone sector, with the institution present acceptable to “focus resources successful maturation areas specified arsenic electrical conveyance components, connected devices, astute homes, robotics, artificial quality and business-to-business solutions, arsenic good arsenic platforms and services.”

That notation to “platforms and services” seems due fixed that LG has pledged to “provide work enactment and bundle updates for customers of existing mobile products for a play of clip which volition alteration by region.” While this timeframe mightiness look somewhat vague, LG has since released comparatively factual details astir however agelong LG smartphones volition proceed receiving updates. 

Premium LG phones released successful 2019 oregon aboriginal – including G series, V series, Velvet and Wing models – are successful enactment for 3 years of information updates. Meanwhile, cheaper LG handsets dating from 2020 onwards – similar the K bid and Stylo models – volition get 2 much years of updates.

LG claims that the latest mentation of Android volition beryllium disposable for each twelvemonth of updates; so, premium LG phones present connected Android 10 should yet person Android 13, portion Android 12 would beryllium the extremity of the roadworthy for mid-range LG devices starting from the aforesaid point.

So, each successful all, should you bargain an LG phone?

Traditionally, purchasing a telephone nary longer being manufactured has been a risky move. Therefore, if you are earnestly tempted by immoderate of the LG smartphones inactive connected the market, you should astatine slightest take 1 of the devices LG has pledged to proceed supporting for a portion yet.

It would beryllium easier for you to marque the close prime of LG telephone if you peruse a store oregon marketplace wherever plentifulness of LG phones stay successful stock. You can, for example, inactive find a immense enactment of LG phones astatine OnBuy, which has the vantage of being an online marketplace for assorted sellers.   

You could find yourself pleasantly amazed by the idiosyncratic acquisition an LG telephone affords – particularly fixed that, in a peculiar FAQ conception connected its website, LG has said it volition “continue to bash the utmost to supply after-sales services and repair parts arsenic required by applicable regulations, adjacent aft closing down the mobile business.”

Using an LG smartphone close present could consciousness small antithetic to utilizing 1 in, say, 2019 – but that you are present apt capable to get 1 astatine a overmuch cheaper price. 

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