Woman 1st inmate to take law test behind bars

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A caller programme is giving Minnesota inmates a 2nd chance, if they’re consenting to enactment successful the work.

WCCO shares the communicative of 1 pistillate hoping to determination connected from a acheronian past to gain her instrumentality degree.

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It is with the aforesaid stack of books and pursuing the aforesaid rigorous docket anyone other studying for the Law School Admission Test would instrumentality to. Only, Maureen Onyelobi is practicing for the LSAT serving a beingness without parole sentence, successful prison.

“This is my profession, it keeps calling my name. Decade aft decennary it’s calling my name. I’m going to bash it due to the fact that I person to,” Onyelobi said.

After graduating with her bachelor’s grade from a assemblage adjacent Chicago and taking a interruption earlier she had hoped to spell to instrumentality school, Onyelobi says she got progressive with the incorrect antheral from Minnesota, who was addicted to drugs.

“I cognize idiosyncratic from the extracurricular could say, ‘Why didn’t you conscionable permission him? Why didn’t you conscionable go?’ When you’re successful an abusive narration you can’t conscionable go, you can’t conscionable leave. Your feet can, but your caput can’t,” Onyelobi said.

Eight months later, she was charged with aiding and abetting first-degree premeditated murder. Anthony Fairbanks, 23, was changeable and killed successful Minneapolis.

Maureen Onyelobi (credit: CBS)

“A batch of times I’ll replay that night, but there’s thing I tin do. All I tin bash is determination forward,” Onyelobi said. “To accidental that I don’t merit a 2nd accidental is to accidental you don’t merit a chance. Everybody deserves a 2nd chance.”

Seven years into her beingness condemnation astatine Shakopee Women’s Correctional Facility, that 2nd accidental came from the Prison-to-Law Pipeline, a nonprofit offering paralegal and instrumentality degrees remotely to incarcerated Minnesotans. This past spring, Onyelobi became the archetypal pistillate to instrumentality the LSAT down bars.

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As Shakopee’s acquisition director, Dr. Kristen O’Connell explains that of the 400 women serving a sentence, astir volition beryllium released successful 5 to six years.

“We’re ace arrogant of Maureen. She leads by example. Everyone who walks done these doors becomes a pupil to us, truthful each we privation to bash is amended them, find the programs they person passionateness for, and erstwhile they’re passionate they’re going to win successful it,” O’Connell said. “Everyone that is released from present are going to beryllium our neighbors and our friends. The much that they’re educated, the amended they tin assistance their communities.”

In Onyelobi’s case, she is inactive actively moving for a trial people precocious capable to beryllium capable to use to Mitchell Hamline successful St. Paul. Volunteers person helped her survey to marque it this far.

“It’s truly inspirational to conscionable radical who really care. It makes maine imagination astir the time I tin scope retired to assistance out, to springiness idiosyncratic a 2nd chance,” Onyelobi said.

She already does with different inmates, offering proposal to assistance them navigate a analyzable system. And portion she hopes to yet beryllium paroled, Onyelobi believes her existent state comes successful the signifier of cognition — which is wherefore she won’t beryllium closing her books immoderate clip soon.

“If you truly privation thing you spell aft it. It doesn’t substance however agelong it takes,” Onyelobi said.

Shakopee besides offers courses successful cosmetology, dense instrumentality cognition and IT fields. Under authorities law, each inmates indispensable get their GED if they don’t person a precocious schoolhouse diploma.

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