WWE 2K22 Steps Into The Ring In March 2022

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Tonight’s SummerSlam lawsuit saw a caller teaser video for WWE 2K22. 2K Games has been mostly soundless astir the crippled since it debuted during WrestleMania 37; the steadfast hadn’t adjacent divulged what platforms it’s available. Now fans have a new peek astatine the anticipated title, but the astir astonishing update is that the crippled won’t beryllium coming until adjacent year. 

WWE 2K22 is launching successful March 2022. Although the crippled ne'er had a confirmed merchandise window, galore expected it to get this twelvemonth fixed each introduction since WWE ‘13 (excluding Battlegrounds) has launched successful October, and the franchise arsenic a full ever maintained a Fall merchandise cycle. 2K22 volition person the archetypal March merchandise since the archetypal WWF Smackdown crippled (which shares the aforesaid lineage arsenic the 2K games). Furthermore, 2K volition big a heavy dive into 2K22’s features, modes, and uncover the screen superstar in January. 

The alteration is astonishing but the other clip should lone assistance arsenic there’s a batch of unit is connected 2K22 to beryllium great. The crippled is the archetypal mainline WWE sim since WWE 2K20’s disastrous motorboat successful 2019. Riddled with bugs, immoderate of them game-breaking, 2K20 was truthful poorly received that it forced 2K to enactment the bid connected hiatus for the archetypal clip to springiness developer Visual Concepts further clip to course-correct. The pandemic was apt different factor, fixed these games necessitate wrestlers to sojourn the workplace for assemblage scanning and sometimes question capture. Unless thing changes, this volition beryllium the 2nd consecutive twelvemonth without a WWE 2K crippled and the archetypal successful decades without a important WWE release. We look guardant to the game’s afloat uncover successful January and are funny to spot if this volition beryllium the merchandise cadence from present on. 

To spot much of WWE 2K22, cheque retired these recently-revealed screenshots of Edge

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