Xbox Cloud Gaming coming soon to both generations of Xbox consoles

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(Pocket-lint) - Xbox Cloud Gaming is coming soon to Xbox Series X / S consoles, arsenic good arsenic the erstwhile procreation Xbox One enactment this vacation season. 

The announcement was made astatine the Xbox Gamescom livestream, wherever the institution is spending 90 minutes promoting each their latest gaming and services announcements, revealing caller trailers and more. 

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Xbox Cloud Gaming started retired a fewer years agone nether the moniker Project xCloud, but arsenic the work developed, Microsoft announced the diagnostic to the satellite nether its caller rubric and rapidly released versions of the app crossed Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and adjacent Chromebook past year.

Now, with the work heading straight to Xbox consoles themselves, users tin entree games instantly they mightiness not own, oregon beryllium capable to play with their friends astatine Xbox Series X-level graphics connected their One S from 2016. 

Unfortunately, they'll beryllium nary upgrade from the Cloud Gaming max watercourse solution of 1080p / 60 FPS, but for the involvement of our broadband, this should beryllium good for now. 

Microsoft says that they'll commencement investigating the diagnostic via their Xbox Insider programme successful the fall, truthful if you're funny successful signing up for that, tap here

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Writing by Alex Allegro. Originally published connected 24 August 2021.

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