Xbox Gamescom 2021 Event Watch Along With Game Informer

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The Xbox Gamescom 2021 showcase is today and we are acceptable to spot what other Team Green has successful store! From much hardware quality to caller crippled reveals, we've got 90 afloat minutes of unrecorded watercourse goodness to bask and we privation to cheque it retired with you! 

The lawsuit kicks disconnected today, August 24, astatine 10:00 a.m. PT with the Opening Night Live ceremonial going down connected August 25 astatine 11:00 a.m. PT. The lawsuit volition beryllium co-streamed by the astonishing Parris Lilly and Kate Yeager arsenic they dive deeper into the games arriving aboriginal this twelvemonth and what other Microsoft has up its proverbial sleeve. To larn much astir "our biggest games enactment up ever," determination volition beryllium much updates from already revealed titles, including immoderate of Xbox's third-party partners, arsenic good arsenic immoderate much connected vacation releases and quality of Xbox Game Pass. 

For those acceptable to spot what is successful store, articulation Liana Ruppert (@DirtyEffinHippy) and Steve Saylor (@SteveSaylor) arsenic we ticker on with the Game Informer community. Depending connected what's shown, determination whitethorn beryllium immoderate excited squeals, immoderate disappointed groans, and the accustomed shenanigans. Why get java erstwhile you tin bent retired successful chat instead, americium I right? 

Ready to tune in? It's going down astatine 1:00 p.m. EST close present connected the official Game Informer Twitch. Come for the chill crippled announcements, enactment for the chill vibes this good Tuesday morning! 

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