Zoom's new Focus Mode highlights meeting host and hides other participants

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The big tin spot everyone's video but the feeds are hidden from participants to trim distraction successful a schoolroom setting.

zoom absorption   mode

Zoom has adhd a Focus Mode successful its latest merchandise that allows the big to show lone his oregon her video to assistance gathering participants absorption connected the lecture oregon presentation.

Image: Zoom

If you walk your Zoom meetings checking retired the different participants alternatively of listening to the presenter, the institution has a caller diagnostic to trim those distractions. Focus Mode is designed for online classrooms, but it could travel successful useful for the enactment world, too. A gathering big oregon a teacher tin spot each subordinate videos, but participants tin spot lone the host.

This extends to surface sharing arsenic well. According to the blog post, the Focus Mode is designed with teachers successful mind. With this feature, teachers tin supervise their classes, but students won't beryllium distracted by video feeds from different students oregon consciousness self-conscious astir turning connected their ain camera. 

This caller diagnostic is portion of a larger merchandise disposable Wednesday that includes improvements to the Phone dashboard, the chat relation and the Zoom Phone feature. The merchandise besides includes the quality to determination a gathering from the mobile mentation to the desktop and the quality to bounds surface sharing with impermanent participants. 

Zoom has updated the chat relation arsenic well, including wide markers that bespeak whether a transmission is nationalist oregon backstage and the quality to grow the chat sidebar to spot much chats and channels.

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The Zoom telephone dashboard updates include:

  • Privacy diagnostic for shared lines: When members of a shared enactment radical and a shared enactment quality crook connected the privateness feature, this diagnostic prevents others from picking up a held call, listening, whispering, barging successful oregon taking implicit the call.
  • More telephone queue visibility: Enhancements to the admin dashboard amended visibility into metrics associated with telephone queues and supply relationship owners and admins with the quality to presumption the apical 10 extensions by telephone usage oregon minutes usage.
  • Granular power of telephone monitoring privileges: Account owners and admins tin present prime circumstantial privileges to customize telephone monitoring groups.

Zoom's Phone diagnostic has grown rapidly since its motorboat successful 2019. When existing Zoom customers adhd the telephone service, a caller tab appears successful the acquainted interface. Customers tin take to grounds each telephone by default oregon grounds lone prime calls. Zoom Phone added a FedRAMP offering earlier this twelvemonth and has services designed for healthcare providers arsenic well.

Finally, the IT squad tin usage the caller admin tools successful this merchandise to negociate relationship settings, groups, radical settings and contacts from 1 place. All customers volition determination to this caller mentation successful October.  

The release notes screen the changes successful detail.

zoom absorption   mode   presenter only

When the absorption mode is on, gathering participants oregon students spot lone the teacher and co-host's video feeds.

Image: Zoom

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