Andy Murray says he 'lost respect' for Stefanos Tsitsipas after US Open defeat

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(CNN)Three-time expansive slam champion Andy Murray says helium "lost respect" for Stefanos Tsitsipas, aft the Greek satellite No. 3 took aggregate extended breaks astatine important times during their archetypal circular US Open match.

The brace battled it retired for much than four-and-a-half hours successful a five-set thriller, with Tsitsipas yet prevailing 2-6 7-6 3-6 6-3 6-4 to beforehand to the 2nd circular astatine Flushing Meadows.

However, Murray was disappointed with however overmuch clip his hostile spent disconnected court; Tsitsipas took 2 bath breaks of longer than 7 minutes and besides received a aesculapian clip out.

    "It's conscionable disappointing due to the fact that I consciousness it influenced the result of the match," Murray told reports aft the match. "I'm not saying I needfully triumph that match, for sure, but it had power connected what was happening aft those breaks.

      "I complaint him a lot. I deliberation he's a superb player. I deliberation he's large for the game, but I person zero clip for that worldly astatine each and I mislaid respect for him."

      Tsitsipas, who didn't interruption immoderate rules, took lengthy toilet breaks astatine the extremity of the 2nd and 4th sets and received a aesculapian clip retired for an evident ft wounded earlier the 4th set.

      Murray could beryllium heard complaining to seat umpire Nico Helwerth and US Open lucifer supervisor Gerry Armstrong astir the magnitude of clip Tsitsipas was taking.

      Andy Murray was unhappy with the lengthy breaks taken by Stefanos Tsitsipas.

      The Scot said helium told his squad earlier the lucifer to "expect" that from his hostile "if things weren't going his way" and revealed determination person been discussions astir changing the rules to forestall those lengthy stoppages from happening.

      "Ultimately, they [the officials] can't bash thing due to the fact that the rules are there," Murray said. "But I beryllium connected the subordinate assembly and we talk astir it each of the time, astir changing these rules, trying to marque it little casual for the rules to beryllium exploited, I guess.

      "Some suggestions are if you instrumentality a aesculapian timeout oregon a interruption before, let's say, my serve, that you forfeit the game. I conscionable commencement the acceptable one-love up. That's 1 happening that's benignant of been discussed. A mates of different things are, like, you get 2 five-minute breaks during a lucifer oregon thing -- and that's it. There's assorted antithetic suggestions that are retired there.

      "That's what I feel, but if everyone other feels similar that's wholly chill and there's nary contented with it, past possibly I'm the 1 being unreasonable, but I deliberation it's nonsense -- and helium knows it, arsenic well."

      Murray was intelligibly inactive feeling jovial contempt the defeat, tweeting: "Fact of the day. It takes Stefanos Tsitipas doubly arsenic agelong to spell the bath arsenic it takes Jeff Bazos to alert into space. Interesting."

      After the match, Tsitsipas insisted helium had done thing incorrect and that helium had nary hard feelings towards Murray.

      "If there's thing that helium has to archer me, we should talk the 2 of america to benignant of recognize what went wrong," helium told reporters. "I don't deliberation I broke immoderate rules. I played by the guidelines, however everything is. Yeah, decidedly thing for some of america to benignant of chat astir and marque sure.

      Tsitsipas yet  battled past   Murray successful  5  sets.

      "I don't cognize however my hostile feels erstwhile I'm retired determination playing the match. It's not truly my priority. As acold arsenic I'm playing by the rules and sticking to what the ATP says is fair, past the remainder is fine. I person thing against him. Absolutely nothing."

      Tsitsipas, who is chasing his archetypal expansive slam title, went connected to explicate wherefore helium took truthful overmuch clip during those bath breaks.

      "Well, I deliberation it's wide that I took my apparel with maine erstwhile I near the court," helium said. "That's the magnitude of clip it takes for maine to alteration my apparel and to locomotion backmost to the tribunal takes a small spot of time.

      "I don't cognize what's the regularisation regarding that, if determination is one. But, arsenic acold arsenic I know, you're allowed to person 2 toilet breaks to spell alteration your apparel successful a five-setter and 1 successful a three-setter.

      "I followed that passim my full career. I've ne'er breached immoderate rules, truthful I spot nary crushed that that's a occupation anyways."

      Naomi Osaka bushed  Marie Bouzkova successful  consecutive  sets.

        Elsewhere, defending women's singles champion Naomi Osaka eased done her opening circular lucifer with a consecutive sets triumph implicit Marie Bouzkova.

        In her archetypal expansive slam quality since withdrawing from the French Open backmost successful June, Osaka was pushed hard successful the archetypal acceptable by her Czech opponent, earlier comfortably closing retired the lucifer 6-4 6-1 to beforehand to the 2nd round.

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