Asiya Mohammed overcomes tragedy to become Kenya's first female rower at the Tokyo Paralympics

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(CNN)Asiya Mohammed, a treble amputee, has made past by becoming the archetypal pistillate rower to correspond Kenya successful an Olympic oregon Paralympic Games.

At conscionable 2 years old, Mohammed mislaid some legs and respective fingers successful a tragic bid accident. Throughout her childhood, she had a hard clip accepting herself, she told CNN, but athletics yet helped her "explore ... my afloat potential."

    At 17, she competed successful her archetypal planetary sporting event, a wheelchair marathon. Since then, Mohammed has gone connected to execute astonishing carnal feats connected the track, connected the tennis tribunal and present connected water.

      The 29-year-old picked up rowing successful 2018. Just 3 years later, she's making past competing successful PR1 rowing astatine the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

        "If successful your caput you deliberation you are disabled, past you are. If successful your mind, you deliberation you are able, you tin bash anything," she said. "It's each however you comprehend yourself."

        Watch the video astatine the apical of this leafage for much connected Mohammed's story.

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