Conor McGregor's ceremonial first pitch at the Cubs game was ... out there

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(CNN)Conor McGregor swapped throwing punches for throwing pitches astatine Wrigley Field -- without overmuch success.

The MMA star threw the ceremonial archetypal pitch up of the Chicago Cubs' crippled connected Tuesday, lone for his effort to sail precocious into the aerial towards the stands.

"I cannot halt laughing astatine this," chap UFC combatant Justin Gaethje wrote connected Twitter. "Every MMA combatant that has represented america doing this has looked unspeakable but this takes the cake."

      Not that McGregor seemed to deliberation it was a peculiarly atrocious effort.

      "The astir devastating archetypal transportation ever seen successful the iconic Wrigley Field," was the 33-year-old's summary.

      "The venom is there, the powerfulness is there. It's a small disconnected accurate-wise ... It was either lob it affable oregon purpose to instrumentality him disconnected his feet. If that was connected target, we would person had a problem, I'd say."

      McGregor throws retired  his archetypal  transportation   astatine  Wrigley Field.

      McGregor suffered a gruesome limb injury arsenic helium was beaten by Dustin Poirier successful July -- the aforesaid 1 helium lent backmost connected to present his wayward transportation connected Tuesday.

        "I'm connected the 1 leg, you tin spot maine based afloat connected the near limb that was conscionable precocious injured," McGregor added. "I'm blessed with that, I'll instrumentality that connected board."

        McGregor joins a database of celebrities to present iconic atrocious archetypal pitches which includes rapper 50 Cent -- whose effort astatine Citi Field successful 2014 was sent wide to the left, the other absorption to McGregor's -- and popular prima Carly Rae Jepsen, who enactment her caput successful her hands aft sending her transportation bouncing on the floor.

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