Defending champion Dominic Thiem to miss US Open and rest of 2021 season due to wrist injury

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(CNN)Defending US Open champion Dominic Thiem announced that helium volition miss the 2021 variation of the tourney -- and the remainder of the play -- owed to an ongoing wrist injury.

The 27-year-old tennis prima said helium hasn't recovered from the wounded helium sustained astatine the Mallorca Open successful June, which was the past tourney helium played earlier withdrawing from Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics earlier this summer.

"I americium truly disappointed not to beryllium capable to support the rubric successful New York," helium posted connected his Twitter account. "This past six weeks, I've been pursuing aesculapian advice, wearing the wrist splint, doing workout to enactment successful signifier earlier starting to bid backmost connected court. My betterment was going truly well, but past past week I deed a shot during grooming and started to consciousness immoderate symptom again. I went consecutive to spot the doctors."

    "After immoderate tests, they said that my wrist needs immoderate much time, truthful we've each agreed connected being blimpish and to springiness my wrist immoderate clip to recover. I'll deterioration the wrist splint for a mates much weeks earlier starting with exercises and past grooming with the racquet again," helium added.

      Thiem won the US Open successful  2020, aft  defeating Alexander Zverev successful  a nail-biting 5  setter to gain  his archetypal  expansive  slam.

      World No. 6 Thiem, who won his first expansive slam successful 2020 erstwhile helium bushed 2020 Olympic champion Alexander Zverev astatine the US Open final, spent immoderate clip distant from the crippled aft his triumph -- not touching his racquet until helium was acceptable to return.

      However, helium has had small occurrence since then, notably suffering an aboriginal exit successful the archetypal circular of Roland Garros successful May earlier sustaining the wrist wounded successful June.

      "It has been a pugnacious determination to marque but I cognize this is what I person to do. I person a agelong vocation up of maine and it's important not to instrumentality risks and unreserved backmost - which I anticipation you understand," Thiem said.

      "I privation to convey you each for the enactment that you person fixed maine truthful far. It truly means a batch to maine and gives maine a batch of spot and helps maine enactment affirmative successful this hard time," helium added.

        Thiem adds his sanction to the database of large names missing retired connected Flushing Meadows aft tennis large Roger Federer withdrew from the US Open earlier this period aft announcing further genu surgery.

        The 2021 US Open is scheduled to statesman connected August 30, and runs done September 12 successful New York.

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