Eliud Kipchoge: Can't move forward without embracing technology, says Olympic champion

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(Reuters)Marathon satellite grounds holder and Olympic champion Eliud Kipchoge hopes that exertion volition instrumentality "centre stage" arsenic athletes strive for betterment and pursuit faster times successful the future.

The Kenyan, who overcame humid conditions successful Tokyo earlier this period to assertion golden successful the marathon, was among a big of runners who ran successful specially designed Nike shoes fitted with carbon-fibre plates for much outpouring and quicker times, erstwhile again rekindling a statement astir "technological doping".

"If we don't clasp exertion past we are not moving... I cognize regulations volition beryllium determination but exertion should instrumentality centre stage," Kipchoge told Reuters.

    Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge celebrates aft  winning the golden  medal successful  the men's marathon astatine  the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

    "Let each athletes person apical technology, person apical innovation. That's the lone mode to deliberation and really effort to amended your performance."

      Other athletes specified arsenic Karsten Warholm, who won the Olympic 400 metres hurdles rubric successful satellite grounds time, person been captious of rapidly advancing footwear technology.

      "When idiosyncratic does a large show now, everybody volition question if it's the shoe, and that is the credibility problem," the Norwegian told Reuters earlier this month.

      Kipchoge's footwear played a large portion successful him becoming the archetypal antheral to tally a marathon successful nether 2 hours successful 2019, a singular feat that is present the taxable of a caller documentary, "Kipchoge: The Last Milestone".

      The movie chronicles however Kipchoge worked with scientists and a radical of chap elite runners to tally successful an unofficial satellite grounds clip of 1 hour, 59 minutes and 40 seconds successful Vienna 2 years ago, an accomplishment galore thought was impossible.

      Marathon golden  medallist Eliud Kipchoge celebrates connected  the podium.

      The 36-year-old said that his connection of "no quality is limited" extends beyond athletics arsenic helium looks to animate radical from each walks of life.

      "(This) is simply a immense message, not really facing sportsmen and sportswomen alone. It's each around, it touches each profession... my lasting bequest volition beryllium purely astir inspiration due to the fact that that's what I privation to thrust successful the caput of each quality being successful this world."

      Kipchoge added that status was not connected his caput arsenic helium was motivated to support chasing titles by athletes who were inactive competitory good into their 30s and adjacent 40s.

        "I americium being inspired by galore people, the footballers, (Cristiano) Ronaldo is doing good (at 36), (Lewis) Hamilton is inactive precise crisp arsenic acold arsenic Formula One is concerned, Valentino Rossi is driving successful the MotoGP astatine 42," said Kipchoge.

        "For present I person to rest, prime up grooming successful September and program what next... I americium enjoying what happened successful Tokyo for now. So I'm mixing remainder and enjoying the medal. But each successful each determination are inactive bully things successful the future."

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