From swimming to cycling, Sarah Storey wins 15th Paralympic gold medal

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(CNN)Sarah Storey clinched her 15th golden medal astatine Tokyo 2020 on Wednesday arsenic she extended her unthinkable Paralympic legacy.

The British cyclist stormed past her compatriot Crystal Lane-Wright successful the last of the C5 3,000m idiosyncratic pursuit after crushing her ain satellite grounds successful the qualification stage.

"It's rather overwhelming. I don't cognize if it volition descend successful until I get home," she said aft the race.

    "I came present with a truly coagulated program of what I wanted to bash and I've delivered it, truthful it benignant of blows your caput a bit.

      "I talked earlier astir breaking your idiosyncratic champion -- successful my lawsuit a satellite grounds -- a tiny borderline astatine a time. And I conscionable knocked 4.3 seconds off."

      Storey was conscionable 14 years-old erstwhile she made her Paralympic debut arsenic a swimmer astatine Barcelona successful 1992.

      She went connected to triumph 5 golden medals crossed 4 Games earlier switching to cycling successful 2005 and has dominated the velodrome ever since.

      Sarah Storey poses with her golden  medal astatine  Tokyo 2020.

      'It took maine by surprise'

      The 43-year-old tin present boast a full of 26 Paralympic medals and needs conscionable 1 much golden to gully level with British swimmer Mike Kenny's nationalist grounds of 16.

      Storey said she was present focused connected preparing for the roadworthy contention competitions successful Tokyo -- successful which she has 2 chances of winning a medal.

      "I've done truthful overmuch training, and everyone's been reminding maine however overmuch enactment I've done and however I merit to beryllium that fast, but you don't similar to presume," she added.

      "So it took maine by surprise, but a bully surprise.

        "I deliberation astir 1 contention astatine a clip and possibly I'll deliberation astir these things afterwards. But it does consciousness beauteous surreal."

        Storey's golden medal was the archetypal for Great Britain astatine this year's Paralympic Games, which is being held without spectators amid the pandemic.

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