Mass brawl involving fans and players forces French top-flight soccer game to be abandoned

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(CNN)A top-flight French league crippled betwixt Nice and Marseille was abandoned connected Sunday aft fans invaded the transportation and a wide brawl broke out, involving players and staff.

"The crippled betwixt Nice and Marseille connected Sunday evening ended prematurely arsenic — pursuing disturbances connected the transportation involving location fans and players that led to an interruption of much than an hr — the crippled was not played to a finish," said Ligue 1 connected its website.

The disturbances astatine Nice's Allianz Riviera stadium broke retired arsenic the game neared its conclusion.

    In the 75th infinitesimal -- with the location broadside starring 1-0 acknowledgment to Kasper Dolberg's extremity -- h2o bottles were thrown astatine Marseille players from the assemblage arsenic the distant squad prepared for a country kick.

      A vessel appeared to deed Marseille guardant Dimitri Payet connected his backmost which helium threw backmost into the crowd.

      Fans effort   to invade the transportation   during the lucifer  betwixt  Nice and Marseille.

      Payet's teammates Alvaro Gonzalez and Matteo Guendouzi ran to enactment him, portion Nice skipper Dante attempted to calm the escalating tension.

      Security unit tried to clasp backmost fans successful the conception of the stadium wherever the country was to person been taken, but yet they spilled onto the pitch.

      With a melee ensuing betwixt fans, some sets of players and coaching staff, Nice players and information attempted to calm the situation, but by present dozens of spectators were connected the pitch.

      The crippled was halted and some teams near the pitch, with much pushing and shoving ensuing, portion Marseille manager Jorge Sampaoli had to beryllium held backmost by his staff.

      After a hold of much than an hour, lucifer officials attempted to restart the game, but the Marseille squad refused to instrumentality to the pitch, citing information concerns.

      "Following the superior incidents of the OGC Nice - Olympique de Marseille gathering ... the Disciplinary Commission of the LFP summons the 2 clubs for the league connected Wednesday, August 25, 2021," said Ligue 1 connected Monday.

      'Maintain nationalist perception'

      In a video posted connected Twitter aft Sunday's game, Marseille president Pablo Longoria said the incidental was "unacceptable."

      "Ligue 1 decided the lucifer should resume. But we decided, for the information of our players, who person been attacked and due to the fact that the transportation was invaded, that we could not instrumentality to the pitch, since the information of our players was not guaranteed," helium explained.

      Marseille person already had issues with absorption fans throwing objects astatine its players during games.

      Two weeks ago, Marseille's 3-2 triumph astatine Montpellier was halted concisely aft fans pelted the transportation with bottles, thing Longoria referenced.

      "This is already the 2nd clip this play that we've been successful this situation: it happened successful Montpellier already. There, we decided to resume the match. What happened contiguous is wholly unacceptable. We indispensable acceptable a precedent for French shot by taking a stand.

      "Today's lucifer referee spoke to us: helium told (manager) Jorge Sampaoli and I that so the information of the lucifer was not guaranteed, and that is wherefore helium decided to halt the match.

      "However Ligue 1 has decided that the lucifer should resume, to support nationalist perception. It is not acceptable for us. That is wherefore we person decided not to travel backmost to the transportation and it is wherefore we volition spell backmost to Marseille tonight."

      Ligue 1 has not responded to CNN's petition for remark connected the disturbances astatine the Allianz Arena.

      Nice president Jean-Pierre Rivere called the incidental "disappointing," but said immoderate of the blasted laid with the Marseille players.

      "Everyone saw what happened. Water bottles were thrown, we can't quality that," helium said successful a statement. "I deliberation that unluckily what acceptable things disconnected was the 2 Marseille players reactions, who threw bottles astatine our supporters' stand.

      "After that, things went from atrocious to worse. I deliberation that the Marseille information work should not person intervened connected the pitch, and particularly not deed our players, due to the fact that 2 of our players were hit. But that's not the point."

      Marseille did not instantly respond to CNN's petition for comment.

      Payet during the lucifer  betwixt  Nice and Marseille.

      Rivere explained that aft a gathering with each parties, everyone too Marseille agreed to resume the game, a determination helium says helium doesn't "quite understand."

      "The referee was hesitant astir resuming the match, arsenic helium was not definite astir the information and the adjacent steps. The Public Security services guaranteed that determination were nary problems for the remainder of the match.

      "They said that successful the visitors' stand, determination was harm and projectiles were thrown astatine our supporters. I'm not going to comment. In immoderate case, what is wide is that everyone decided to resume the match. The prefect, the caput of the information service. I didn't rather recognize the determination of our colleagues from Marseille not to resume the match.

        "Everyone advised them to resume, determination were 15 minutes left. I spoke to the supporters to archer them that what they had done successful presumption of throwing bottles was not acceptable.

        "They assured maine doubly that determination would beryllium nary problems. I cognize precise good that the lucifer could person been restarted, everyone was for it. I was convinced that it would spell well. Unfortunately, Marseille didn't privation to resume."

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