Naomi Osaka pauses press conference in tears after exchange with reporter

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(CNN)Naomi Osaka, preparing to vie successful her archetypal tennis tourney since the Tokyo Olympics, concisely took a interruption during a pre-tournament quality league connected Monday aft she started crying.

The Western & Southern Open quality league successful Mason, Ohio, began with Osaka answering questions regarding intelligence wellness and doing property conferences -- subjects she sparked a wide speech astir earlier this twelvemonth erstwhile she withdrew from the French Open due to the fact that she didn't privation to enactment successful quality conferences, citing her mental health.

Naomi Osaka to donate prize wealth  to Haitian earthquake alleviation  efforts

Following those questions, Osaka was successful the midst of being asked astir mentation for the summertime hard tribunal information of the play and her absorption to what is going connected successful Haiti pursuing a devastating earthquake. Osaka's begetter is simply a Haiti native, and the tennis superstar said successful a tweet Saturday she would give prize wealth she earns astatine the Western & Southern Open to Haiti alleviation efforts.

    It was during that information of the league that Osaka began to hitch her look and pulled her chapeau down implicit her eyes. A newsman said, "Sorry," arsenic Osaka got emotional, to which Osaka replied, "No, you're ace good."

      With Osaka crying, the moderator said they would instrumentality a speedy break. After a fewer minutes, Osaka returned to decorativeness the session. She apologized for walking out.

      Before this unfolded, Osaka got into an speech with a newsman from the Cincinnati Enquirer who said, "You're not brainsick astir dealing with us, particularly successful this format. Yet you person a batch of extracurricular interests that are served by having a media platform."

      Osaka's cause aboriginal called the newsman a "bully."

      Prior to the Olympics, Osaka's past clip competing was astatine the French Open successful May. Before the commencement of that tournament, the four-time large champion and satellite No. 2 said she would not beryllium doing property conferences -- knowing she would get fined -- citing her intelligence health.

      After a connection from each 4 large tournaments -- the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open -- that threatened further punishment, including default from the tournament, Osaka withdrew, revealing she had "suffered agelong bouts of depression" since winning her archetypal large rubric successful 2018.

      'I'm figuring it retired astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic you'

      After answering back-to-back questions regarding quality conferences, this is the speech that occurred betwixt columnist Paul Daugherty of the Cincinnati Enquirer and Osaka:

      Daugherty: "You're not brainsick astir dealing with us, particularly successful this format. Yet you person a batch of extracurricular interests that are served by having a media platform. I conjecture my question is however bash you equilibrium the two? And besides bash you person thing you'd similar to stock with america astir what you did accidental to Simone Biles?" (Earlier successful the property conference, Osaka said she had sent a connection to Biles but said she wanted to springiness her space, "because I cognize however overwhelming it tin feel.")

      Osaka: "When you accidental I'm not brainsick astir dealing with you guys, what does that notation to?"

      Daugherty: "Well, you've said you don't particularly similar the property league format, yet that seems to beryllium evidently the astir wide utilized means of connection to the media and done the media to the public."

      Osaka: "That's interesting. I would accidental the occasion, similar erstwhile to bash the property conferences what I consciousness is the astir difficult."

      Osaka past paused, saying she was thinking. The moderator suggested moving connected and asked Osaka if she wanted to instrumentality the adjacent question.

      Osaka: "No. I'm precise really funny successful that constituent of view. So if you could repetition that, that would beryllium awesome."

      Daugherty: "The question was that you're not particularly fond of dealing with the media, particularly successful this format. You person suggested determination are amended ways to bash it, that we'd similar to effort to research that. My question, I guess, was you besides person extracurricular interests beyond tennis that are served by having the level that the media presents to you. My question is however bash you deliberation you mightiness beryllium capable to champion equilibrium the two?"

      Osaka: "I consciousness similar this is thing that I can't truly talk for everybody. I tin lone talk for myself, but ever since I was younger I've had a batch of media involvement connected me, and I deliberation it's due to the fact that of my inheritance arsenic good arsenic however I play. Because successful the archetypal spot I'm a tennis player. That's wherefore a batch of radical are funny successful me.

      Naomi Osaka volition  permission  Tokyo Olympics without a medal, loses successful  3rd circular  to Marketa Vondrousova

      "I would accidental successful that respect I'm rather antithetic to a batch of people. I can't truly assistance that determination are immoderate things that I tweet oregon immoderate things that I accidental that benignant of make a batch of quality articles oregon things similar that. I cognize it's due to the fact that I've won a mates expansive slams and I've gotten to bash a batch of property conferences wherever these things happen.

      "But I would besides accidental I'm not truly definite however to equilibrium the two. I'm figuring it retired astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic you are I would say."

      After that, portion Osaka was receiving the adjacent acceptable of questions from a tennis writer regarding mentation and Haiti did Osaka amusement disposable emotion.

      Osaka's agent, Stuart Duguid, said successful a statement: "The bully astatine the Cincinnati Enquirer is the epitome of wherefore subordinate / media relations are truthful fraught close now. Everyone connected that Zoom volition hold that his code was each incorrect and his sole intent was to intimidate. Really appalling behavior. And this insinuation that Naomi owes her disconnected tribunal occurrence to the media is simply a story -- don't beryllium truthful self-indulgent."

      CNN has reached retired to Daugherty for comment.

      'There's radical that I don't cognize that good that inquire maine really, truly delicate questions'

      Before the speech with Daugherty, a newsman asked Osaka if determination was immoderate proposal she could springiness reporters connected however they tin assistance marque it a amended acquisition for athletes going done hard losses and moments portion asking questions during property conferences.

      "For me, I consciousness similar astir of the clip -- this is conscionable maine arsenic a idiosyncratic -- I'm beauteous unfastened erstwhile it comes to property conferences," Osaka said. "I consciousness similar I've been that mode my full life. There are times wherever I would accidental there's radical that I don't cognize that good that inquire maine really, truly delicate questions. And past particularly aft a loss, that benignant of amplifies a bit.

      'I person  to absorption   connected  my intelligence   health,' says Simone Biles aft  withdrawing from golden  medal event

      "I would accidental similar adjacent repetitive questions, similar questions we've been asked before, but possibly you guys weren't determination astatine the erstwhile property conference. Just similar possibly work transcripts. I'm not a nonrecreational successful property conferences oregon anything, but, conscionable to marque it a spot much of a friendlier experience, I would say."

      She besides gave the proposition of a subordinate taking a "sick day."

      "We get fined if we don't bash property conferences but sometimes we consciousness truly sad," Osaka said. "I consciousness similar possibly determination should beryllium a regularisation that we could possibly instrumentality a sick time from that and possibly respond to you guys successful emails and things similar that. I consciousness similar it would beryllium benignant of just but past again I'm lone speaking from my broadside and I don't cognize however your guys' full (referencing the media) -- I conjecture possibly you privation to seizure america erstwhile we're consecutive disconnected the tribunal arsenic well, truthful I'm not definite what's fair."

        Regarding Haiti, Osaka said, "It's truly scary. I spot the quality each day. Honestly, the earthquake was benignant of adjacent to my parents' schoolhouse there. I'm honestly not truly definite however that's doing, and I haven't seen immoderate pictures oregon video of it yet."

        At the 2020 Western & Southern Open -- held astatine the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center successful New York alternatively of the Cincinnati country -- Osaka was the runner-up aft withdrawing due to the fact that of a hamstring injury. She would spell connected to triumph the US Open.

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