Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm and Sam Burns share three-way lead at 'brutal' BMW Championship

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(CNN)Jon Rahm whitethorn beryllium 1 of the bigger hitters connected the PGA Tour, but having a abbreviated representation is simply a trait the Spaniard values adjacent more.

"Happiest carnal successful the satellite is simply a goldfish. You cognize why? He's got a 10-second memory," Rahm said, quoting a enactment from the fashionable "Ted Lasso" series.

"I played large play past week, conscionable a mates of atrocious swings down the stretch, and that's the astir important happening to remember."

    The satellite No. 1 was speaking aft his opening round astatine the BMW Championship connected Thursday, wherever helium finished tied atop the leaderboard with Rory McIlroy and American Sam Burns.

      The 2 European Ryder Cup teammates and Burns carded eight-under 64s astatine Caves Valley Golf Club successful Baltimore, Maryland, for the stock of the pb successful the 2nd lawsuit of the FedExCup Playoffs which volition find the PGA Tour's play champion connected September 5.

      An eagle connected the par-five 16th spread for McIlroy changeable him up the rankings and into a stock of the lead. The Northern Irishman is 28th successful the FedExCup rankings, with lone the apical 30 making it to the play finale -- the Tour Championship -- adjacent week.

      "I've went done playoff stretches earlier wherever you're ever successful that pb group. You're either 1, 2 oregon 3 successful the FedExCup, and that tin benignant of instrumentality its intelligence toll," helium said. "I'm successful a presumption wherever I request to play good conscionable to play adjacent week. There is an constituent of freewheeling."

      Both Rahm and Burns carded bogey-free rounds connected Thursday, and with some acceptable for East Lake adjacent week for the Tour Championship, maintaining their bully signifier is paramount.

      McIlroy looks connected  implicit    the archetypal  greenish  during the archetypal  circular  of the BMW Championship.

      'It was brutal retired determination today'

      For US Open champion Rahm, his opening circular continues his blistery form. According to the PGA Tour, it was the 15th clip successful his past 17 rounds that helium changeable successful the 60s.

      While Rahm's clubs remained connected fire, it wasn't the hottest happening astatine Caves Valley connected Thursday.

      Temperatures were consistently astir 90 degrees and coupled with precocious humidity and elevation changes, conditions proved hard for the players.

      Cameron Smith, the Australian who finished 2nd aft a playoff with Tony Finau astatine the Northern Trust past week, explained that the velocity astatine which helium was walking was thing going done his caput during Thursday's circular due to the fact that of the "brutal" conditions.

      "We were astir apt walking a spot slower than what we typically bash and trying to find shadiness a batch ... it was brutal retired determination today," Smith said aft his four-under 68. "Those past astir apt 4 oregon 5 holes, it gets to you and you commencement thinking, 'When is this going to end?' You've conscionable got to beryllium astute astir it.

      "I'm from Queensland wherever it gets hot, truthful it doesn't truly fuss me, it conscionable takes a batch retired of me. So present I'm looking guardant to a speedy massage, past a acold ablution and a mates acold beers."

      Rahm thanked the information helium had a Covid-enforced period interruption aft the 2020 Olympics for maintaining his vigor levels.

      Rahm hits a changeable  connected  the archetypal  tee  during the archetypal  circular  of the BMW Championship.

      "Those guys that went to the Olympics and played Memphis and played much events than maine whitethorn beryllium a small spot much tired, but truly that shouldn't beryllium an excuse successful my case," helium said.

        "On Tuesday erstwhile I came to the course, I didn't bash excessively much. I didn't adjacent task retired connected the play people due to the fact that I knew it was a pugnacious walk. I conscionable deed immoderate balls, a small spot of putting and chipping and went home.

        "On days similar that what I truly prioritize is hydration. If you get dehydrated successful the middle, it's going to impact you implicit the adjacent fewer weeks."

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