Tennis star Andy Murray says players 'have a responsibility' to get vaccine

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(CNN)Three-time expansive slam champion Andy Murray says helium hopes much tennis players determine to get a Covid-19 vaccine successful bid to support the "wider public" safe.

The 34-year-old said helium was blessed helium had got the vaccine but is alert not everyone connected the tennis circuit is arsenic keen.

"Ultimately I conjecture the crushed wherefore each of america are getting vaccinated is to look retired for the wider public," helium told reporters connected Saturday, up of the commencement of the US Open.

    "We person a work arsenic players that are traveling crossed the satellite to look retired for everyone other arsenic well.

      "I'm blessed that I'm vaccinated. I'm hoping that much players take to person it successful the coming months."

      Organizers of adjacent week's US Open person said fans aged 12 and supra indispensable amusement impervious of vaccination to participate the last expansive slam of the year.

      However, though encouraged by the sports' governing bodies, vaccines are presently not mandatory for players.

      Murray says he's blessed  to beryllium  afloat   vaccinated.

      The circuit has been heavy affected by the pandemic implicit the past twelvemonth with tournaments lone imaginable owed to strict Covid-19 protocols.

      Murray says he's enjoying a "fairly normal" beingness up of the US Open but says those unvaccinated athletes whitethorn beryllium struggling with definite restrictions that inactive use to them.

      World no.1 Novak Djokovic precocious said helium hoped vaccines would not go compulsory for tennis players connected circuit and said helium would not uncover whether helium gets 1 successful the future.

      Meanwhile, emerging prima Stefanos Tsitsipas, who plays Murray successful the archetypal circular of the US Open, said helium would lone get the vaccine if it became mandatory.

        The 23-year-old from Greece told reporters past week that helium was disquieted astir the imaginable side-effects connected the vaccine but was subsequently criticized by the Greek authorities who pushed backmost connected his comments.

        "He does not person the cognition and studies to measure the request for vaccinations," authorities spokesperson Giannis Oikonomou was quoted arsenic saying successful Greek property reports.

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