Tennis star refuses to take vaccine unless it becomes mandatory on tour

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(Reuters)World No.3 Stefanos Tsitsipas said helium would lone get the Covid-19 vaccine if it became mandatory to vie successful tennis.

While the men's ATP Tour has publically encouraged players to get vaccinated, the 23-year-old Greek is among those who inactive person reservations.

"No 1 has told maine anything. No 1 has made it a mandatory happening to beryllium vaccinated," helium told reporters, erstwhile asked if helium would question a vaccine portion competing successful the U.S.

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    "At immoderate constituent I volition person to, I'm beauteous definite astir it, but truthful acold it hasn't been mandatory to compete, truthful I haven't done it, no," added Tsitsipas, who received a first-round bye successful the Masters 1000 tourney successful Cincinnati.

      He reached the French Open last successful June but suffered a shock, first-round exit astatine Wimbledon, wherever helium told reporters helium recovered it challenging to unrecorded and vie successful the Covid-19 "bubble."

        The Covid-19 vaccine has divided sentiment wrong tennis.

        World No.1 Novak Djokovic said successful April helium hoped the Covid-19 vaccine would not go mandatory for players to vie and has declined to reply questions regarding his ain vaccination status.

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